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  1. Last one was 3 years ago, Iron Maiden
  2. Just saw Bad Times at the El Royale, very Quentin Tarantinoish but really good.
  3. I'm anti apple anything so I prefer android.
  4. themadstork


    Tour de Pharmacy was a great spoof
  5. Thank God we didn't lose it.
  6. Yeah even worse on that same play there was a clear face mask penalty on NE, so should have been offsetting.
  7. SB Patriots vs Packers I should be 6-2 not that it matters.
  8. Patriot Steelers Packers Seahawks
  9. Raiders Squeelers Seachickens Packers
  10. Very nice breakdown, I'm just hoping Carnage's dream team has an off week!
  11. Im going to watch it, was waiting for them to pick up season 2 first.
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