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  1. 97 here. I suspect I'll have the highest score.
  2. 4. 3 I can't eat because of caffeine(tea, coffee, Nutella) Never had snails afaik.
  3. These are all inferior to our one. Why is this even a contest?
  4. japan77


    This'll be interesting, never really been in a place with a real autumn before. As for updating my pip here or on slack, probably not.
  5. I don't know. I've missed a few here and there because of life, school, etc. Never bothered keeping track.
  6. Depends. If it were regarding economics, I would have no issue. Social policies on the other hand, I think would be an absolute breaker.
  7. This is an extension to TKR in PnW, not an migration.
  8. would've been nice to get a notice of some sort. Had to redesign my cities again...Ugh.
  9. Not until they figure out how to get their guys to make it to the court.
  10. Nothing special beyond watching the fireworks before driving home from work.
  11. One of the few guys in the AA with a proper meme after him.
  12. japan77

    MBTI Type

    go ahead. 20 years down the road, we'll get revenge by denying a pay raise.
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