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  1. Hi I am New to this gaem...

    Blame koso
  2. well, this is going to be a very long 4 years imo. I have basically disagreed with everything he's done since entering office (Not surprised, I happen to be on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum), and I am kinda afraid of leaving the country, despite holding dual US-Japan citizenship because of the Muslim country situation. While, I doubt he will enact such measures on Japanese-American dual citizens, it definetly doesn't make me sleep easily.
  3. What's up?

    >Cardinals fan ...Fuck you guys for 2011.
  4. Hello

    Woo! more East Asians. So we have a Candian Korea, a Canadian Chinese, and a Japanese American...
  5. All About Russel (Russman)

    cross-country eh. Welcome to the club bruh, I also run it. The community is pretty worth it imo, and it is a sport you can do until you don't have functioning legs literally.
  6. Oh

    lol, try linear Algebra as a senior in High school. I'm 17.
  7. US 2016 Election Prediction

    What we need to do is change the voting system to make third parties viable at the state-wide/national level. as the system is currently set up, the US gov't only has the capacity to have 2 running parties, as people refuse to vote for their preferred candidate to avoid putting another candidate in power. What we should have is making people rank the potential candidates that go above a certain polling threshold(5%?), while still allowing for write-ins. This makes third parties viable, as now once the third party concedes, the vote transfers to your next pick, which allows, for example, people who want to support the Green party not having to risk electing Donald Trump.
  8. Trump

    Basically totally agreed. In a capitalist society, which the US is, companies (in general) will only think about their profit margin.
  9. US 2016 Election Prediction

    Sanders refuses to run 3rd party because he doesn't want to be Ralph Nader 2.0. We need to the fix our current ballot system to make 3rd parties viable, because the current structure results in you having to vote for one candidate to avoid putting the other in the white house, basically a lesser of two evils duel.
  10. Trump

    Trump literally said he would be willing to use nukes in the Middle East or in Europe. Firing those nukes leads to ww3.
  11. Salutations

    welcome to the darkside of the forums. praise Deus you infidels.(jk)
  12. Trump

    I prefer sanders/Green party I'll take clinton over trump only because I believe trump will start WWIII, whereas clinton will only start a regular war. Not a good set of options.
  13. Introduction to HoneyComb Services

    Hi. I'll point you to this part of the forums: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/5-sparring-grounds/ Go there if you want to have fun on these forums.
  14. Greetings, from The Communist State of Samedi

    welcome, fellow truthwatcher, and welcome to the largest order and the winner of the last two order contests(propaganda and war) lets make it 3.
  15. An introduction to Sphenisca

    welcome to the largest order, and the winner of the last two contests(propaganda and war), let's make it 3.