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  1. 97 here. I suspect I'll have the highest score.
  2. 4. 3 I can't eat because of caffeine(tea, coffee, Nutella) Never had snails afaik.
  3. These are all inferior to our one. Why is this even a contest?
  4. I don't know. I've missed a few here and there because of life, school, etc. Never bothered keeping track.
  5. Depends. If it were regarding economics, I would have no issue. Social policies on the other hand, I think would be an absolute breaker.
  6. This is an extension to TKR in PnW, not an migration.
  7. Not until they figure out how to get their guys to make it to the court.
  8. One of the few guys in the AA with a proper meme after him.
  9. japan77

    MBTI Type

    go ahead. 20 years down the road, we'll get revenge by denying a pay raise.
  10. japan77

    MBTI Type

    I've taken this test a few times. I always get INTJ-A, but every time, the results get more and more extreme. It used to be where the T/A and N/S divides were close to 50-50.
  11. My heart says McGregor My mind says mayweather. I'll go with my mind since it's a question of a proper fight, and mayweather is training.
  12. It's hard to say for me. Through high school, I decided to take hard course loads over worrying about class rank and stuff. Resulted in an abysmal class rank because my high school was so competitive(top 20%, GPA of 5.1/5). I don't what the ramifications would've been if I had prioritized class rank, but being curious, I recalculated and got a GPA of 5.5/5, which would've been top 7%, which is the UT auto-admit cutoff.
  13. japan77

    PSX games

    Free time? that exists?
  14. no. Doesn't mean it basically gave GSW the series still.
  15. Also, Zaza Pachulia is GS MVP. Took out Kawhi Leonard when the spurs had a chance of winning.
  16. You do realize that everything will have to go right for cleveland the next 3 games.
  17. Micchan is a bit messed up in the head. Don't worry about it.
  18. The cast can only carry a film so far.
  19. I honestly don't know. Pretty sure watching my life would be boring AF. Maybe a small level of comedy.
  20. It'll take a miracle for DC to have multiple good movies in a row.
  21. Yeah. Although if we're talking like 100 pound dog size, I'm probably still gonna take the cockroach, as a horse sized rat is probably gonna be stupidly hard to kill, and can kill you with it's teeth.
  22. They can't take over slack though. Cause then Micchan would have to join slack.
  23. True, but IC's legs would force them all to surrender to him.
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