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  1. I completely agree. I would also say that human ethics should extend to animals to a certain extent. We, as people, should not subject other species to large amounts of pain or deprive them of necessities of life in the name of science unless completely necessary for whatever reason. I just think they is always going to be a better way
  2. The collectivist nationality of Japan (and many other Asian and African nations) would have meant fighting for every inch of every island in the American's push to topple the Japanese government. I would estimate based on my limited research and what I have heard that dropping the bomb on those two Japanese cities probably resulted in fewer deaths that would have the continued traditional bombing runs and an amphibious assault of the main islands. Still, the United States needed a chance to capitalize on its global power projection and the atomic bomb was that. The ethics should hardly be considered because in order to even get to the point of the bomb you must first justify war from the beginning, which from a purely moral standpoint is hard to do. All of WW2 is not an ethics study but rather one in foreign policy, ideology, and psychology of the masses around the world. Aggression, interventionism, isolationism, or pacifism? Whims of the people that comes with democracy, direct and simple leadership of a small group, or some combination thereof? Will the world respond in fear, resistance, or jealousy to the unleashing of the greatest weapon in humankind's history? The ethics surrounding WW2 are terrible; every side of every front acted as monsters at one time or another, even the blessed and divine Anglo-American forces. What?! You mean the Brits and Yanks aren't the undisputed "good guys"?! Yes. The war and culture surrounding it were disastrous dark times in the story of the modern world but that isn't what the war was about. It was the retaliation of failing democratic societies to reassert dominance and unite their own people. So back to the bomb. Justified or Not? It's irrelevant in my opinion. It was war and however terrible the death toll was or could have been, War is a terrible stain on human nature wherever more than 10 humans are gathered under one banner with differing opinions from those around them. You can understand war but it's almost impossible to justify any part in it, including the bombs dropped on Japan.
  3. Brittean Atlantis - 4 December (307) Militia 61.4 (121) Longbowmen 363.0 (2) Supply Wagon 20.0 (2) Healers 30.0 (1) Spy 50.0 Cumulative Credits Left 1.9
  4. I was trying to put that I had four hundred twenty spearmen but every time I put that number I get "blaze it" The Atlanteans are not amused
  5. Friday's Maneuvering The Transport ship is commanded back to E29, much to the poor sailor's dismay, and they go and retrieve most of the Second Brittean Army from Barton de Humber's state. The ship returns to the Capital with: 350 Men-at-Arms, 300 Pikemen, 175 Militia, 110 Longbowmen, 2 Supply Wagons, 4 Healers, and 1 Spy -------------------------------------- Saturday's Maneuvering The First Army of the Brittean Colony of Atlantis in E10 is reinforced to be 130 Men-at-Arms, 130 Pikemen, 158 Militiamen, 38 Longbowmen, and 70 Light Horsemen supported by 2 blacksmiths, 1 supply wagon, and 1 healer. They will be preparing for battle as soon as the spy report returns from the next region.
  6. Brittean Atlantis - 3 December (400) Spearmen 200.0 (50) Men-at-Arms 75.0 (50) Pikemen 100.0 (8) Longbowmen 24.0 (1) Foot Transport 250.0 (2) Cogs 400.0 Total Credits Left 1.3
  7. Thursday's Maneuvering As the people of E29 settle back down and rebuilding-expansion efforts are underway royal builders arrive to begin construction on the medicine booths and schools for the state. Barton de Humber's people are happy and welcome the arrival of the Royal Governor's adviser in the ceremonial flag raising of the Brittean Colonial Flag of the housing of the city government. ----------------------- The commander of the Second Brittean Army instructs the transport ship to return to the capital at EF and await further commands from the Governor. Meanwhile, the 2nd Army, charged from their recent victory is ready to charge across the border into E30 after tales of fine resources in the lands. All of the units from E29 are moving in the campaign.
  8. Brittean Atlantis - 1 December (20) Spearmen 10.0 (7) Men-at-Arms 10.5 (2) Pikemen 4.0 (1) Militia 0.2 (2) Blacksmith 50.0 (2) Wagons 20.0 (2) Healers 30.0 (2) Spies 100.0 (1) Stone Fort 200.0 upgrade Being built in EF, the capital Remaining Credits 0.3
  9. By oder of the Brittean Royal Governor, Barton de Humber we be offered administrative rights to the State he had previously occupied. The only conditions are as follows: -He must agree to house and include an adviser of the Royal Governor in all matters of state and colony importance -He must offer Brittean forces quarter in times of peace and war with the understanding that his own soldiers may be asked to serve the Colony on the Isle of Britain -He must allow the Brittean Colony to build schools, medicine booths, and a harbour in his state once the village has been repaired -He must also fly the flag of the Brittean Colony alongside his own over the governing building of the city. Will the Barton accept this humble and generous offer?
  10. The commander looks in the direction of the village, "Sun Tzu says that all of these options suck ass" Upon conferring with this advisers and most senior officers he decides that the most applicable of Sun Tzu's teachings is "if twice as numerous, divide our army into two" Near duck, in a smaller vessel the commander sends a force of 30 Men-at-Arms, 30 Pikemen, 20 Militia, and 60 Longbowmen. While the village defenders watch the ship slide up the river, the sun shines bright in their eyes from the sky and the surface of the water. 325 M-a-A, 275 Pikemen and 140 Militia ready to storm the walls at the Commander's call. 50 Longbowmen will remain a hundred meters back from the wall to cover any possible retreat or counter offensive that may be within range. The remaining 25 M-a-A, 25 Pikemen, 15 Militia, as well as the logistical support remain behind on the land nearest the Transport ship. Whenever the first horn is heard from the commander, the ship adjusts course for the village's waterfront. The second horn blasts the air within minutes and the assault from the east begins. As the ship turns to broadside the village, the 60 Longbowmen aboard begin firing volleys of arrows into the near-side of the village targeting anything that moves. After several volleys, the Longbowmen cease firing lest they strike their own men. Let's see what happened! Oh @Priydan!!!
  11. Brittean Atlantis (76) Men-at-Arms 114 (68) Pikemen 136 (1) Spy 50 (1) Cog 200
  12. "Damn that intelligent pig" The Commander instructs the men to hold a vigilant mind and stay fully armed for battle. The ship is reloaded and the men sail off to the north of Britain Island to E29. The last of the men board the ship under cover of darkness and sail across the channel to EH gathering supplies before continuing up the coast to their destination. They are also joined by New Troops at port. The total force is now: 350 Men-at-Arms, 300 Pikemen, 175 Militia, 110 Longbowmen, 2 Supply Wagons, 4 Healers, and 1 Spy
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