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  1. It tells me that the topic has been closed on me?? I was In the middle of doing part 2s test
  2. I might be new to politics and war, but I have a lot of experience from other games and years of playing. I’m not sure what new ideas I can bring, but I will be the best damn comrade for anyone who gives me the same respect back. I plan to stay with this alliance as long as you guys can stand me lol. I enjoy developing on my own and enjoying a chat with the community. I will always be on unless a life circumstance keeps me from it. In that case I will let you know, obviously.
  3. Ok I’ll change my name in game to Ilurehunter if I can. So yes I agree to that request. Second I’m perfectly fine with using slack, I’ll just have to download it. maintaining a Stockpile for war is understandable and all ready underway. I understand that In a family, one might have to suffer heavy loses for the benefit of the rest. That is understandable if we are given time and resources to recuperate. I have played countless sim games, from cybernations for a bit, to call of war, tribal nations, and so on. I prefer mass strategy games, where resources and economy are important
  4. In game ruler: hoff Link to nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=244566 Previous alliances: n/a debt: n/a Recruiter: Alyster
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