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  1. @BigMorfI just finished the third quiz. I'm on a work trip currently, so my coms will be delayed! Looking forward to the results. Jatti
  2. Just few more questions and we're done! Sounds good! What are your expectations for TKR? I expect a strong community experience that I can rely on for game knowledge. I also expect to be protected from aggressive or unprovoked raiding! I see that today, TKR is one of the largest alliances and is thriving, I would expect to contribute to that and for that leadership to continue. How long will you plan to stay in TKR? Indefinite. I'm not one for guild hopping. Do you consider yourself to be a team player of a lone wolf? Why? Im a team player. It's the
  3. Hi BigMorf, I apologise for the delay in response, I am currently traveling for work. Answers below: We require that you use the leader name in game as your name on the forum and on slack. Do you agree to do that? Yes We require the usage of Slack, a free chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this? Yes For military preparedness, TKR requires all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war. Are you ok with this? Yes If TKR asks you to go to war where
  4. Ingame Ruler: Jatti Therue Link to Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=247305 Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving: N/A Do you owe anything (money, resources, etc.) to anybody in the game? No debts. Recruited by: BigMorf
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