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  1. you dont get a vote on the movie >.>
  2. We will be having a movie night, the movie will be Beetlejuice since it is October and Halloween season All dates/times are US time, Central Standard time
  3. Micchan will surely be the next to die with the weakened heart Also rip me
  4. Someone buy it for me and I'll play with all of you
  5. If I can get the game in time im willing to do this
  6. Mutual Assured Destruction
  7. welp I lost Africa.....and China....
  8. Truthwatcher are here to win Im in too
  9. Agreed, I expect more people to sign up for them if they are different.
  10. Survival/Zombie Apocalypse sounds awesome, you do that one and I might sign up to play it.
  11. Whatever it is, just that it named "Project Augustus" makes me curious
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