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  1. Here are the answers for the questions : If TKR asked me to do something I did not want to do first I would if the reasons are sufficient I will just do it but if the reasons are not sufficient would ask the person to explain me why should this be done and after he would explain me I would do it. My expectations for TKR are that I expect it to flourish and grow . The kind of nation I want to become is a nation with vast resources good political relations a big standing army, navy and air force and a nation which can defend itself from others as well as attack other nations if needed. In this mission I expect TKR to help protect me in case of an invasion and also supply me with items when I need them. The thing I could contribute to TKR is I am generally a fast learner and after I have learned the basics of this game I can help TKR with my military and also supply items The thing that make a good alliance is organization, having the ability to learn from failures, good leadership ,helping it's members in times of need and contribution of everyone. What makes a good member is helping his alliance to the level which he can, being active , listening to the commands and acting upon the advice of the experienced players
  2. Here are the answers to the questions Y Y Y Yes N The reason I choose TKR over other alliances because I found it to be very organized and that it had a community were you could have training from veterans. I will active around 3 or 4 times a day. I will play the game in the time zone GMT+5
  3. In-game Ruler: OTTO VON WORLD Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=315177 Camelot was my previous alliance and I left but then I read about Knights Radiant and I found it to be pretty organized and it was developing by leaps and bounds so I decided to apply for it No I have not played politics and war on previous nation before I do not owe any money to anyone in the game No Recruited by: Ricky sent me a message
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