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    Cold war

    i think that as long as the lines of communication between Krushchev and Kennedy remained open, nuclear war might have been avoided--but had we sunk a Soviet ship that ran the blockade, there mightve needed to be a backroom deal that allowed the Soviets to save face in a tit-for-tat maneuver (attacking a US base in Europe, sinking an American ship, etc.)...both sides knew it would be over if one of us went nuke, and Krushchev wasnt an ideologue like Lenin or a complete sociopath like Stalin...i think the far more dangerous situation was something like Able Archer 83, where we came really close to nuclear war because the Soviets mistook a NATO exercise as maneuvering for an attack, and there was no communication between NATO and the Soviets...hell, we didnt even know how bad it got until after the Soviet Union fell...
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