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  1. Part 04 "The next day, I decided to start planting some random seeds that I found on the ground. Although I can kill creatures to eat meat, it is not the most delicious." "With time passing, I learn more and more to use my Matter Manipulator, after all, I received it moments before the end of the Earth. To train, I decide to increase my house, but I ended up leaving in half unfortunately. I still have the first floor intact so it's not a problem." "By creating tunnels under the earth in search of more resources, I come across a portal. I cannot see exactly what's on the other side. In doubts, I tied a rope on my knife and threw it into the portal. I pulled the knife with the rope and it returned to me intact. So I decided to go in, feeling adventurous." "I really did not like having entered here. It looks like some sort of ruins of space, but with the functional portals. I said portals because there is another portal above me, but I have to go through the lava. Luckily I brought my ropes." "Right at the end, there is a chest with a usable knife inside and the portal that took me back to the same planet. Nothing pleasant. My AI found no reason why these portals or ruins exist, but I am more intrigued at how this planet got this way." Video time for random mining:
  2. Part 03 "The abandoned mine gave me all the necessary items (core fragments) so I can activate the teleporter I saw at the beginning, but I'm not yet determined to do that. I decided to continue the abandoned mine, creating the tunnels with my Matter Manipulator, and checking what else could be extracted from this mine." "After extracting some ores, such as coal, gold, silver, iron, I decided it was time to get back to the surface and see if I could get a good night's sleep. I was tired of having two days in a row, unable to sleep decently. Although it was possible to sleep in space-ship, I was not sure if there would be any breathing in there for a long time." "For some reason, as I walked around trying to find somewhere to stay or to build a house for myself, I discovered a chest. This chest has the Floran brand and inside it good clothes to wear. This planet is full of mysteries and it seems that everything is going so well that it is strange." "More creatures trying to kill me." "Finally after walking a lot, I found an ugly tower, but it had some structure made. After collecting some woods, removing much of the vegetation that was in this tower, I managed to cover the holes it had, also adding doors and lighting. Along with the sleeping bag I had found, I was able to take my first good night's sleep. I hope the next days will be calmer."
  3. Part 02 "In my adventure through the abandoned mines, I feel that the miners knew that there were creatures before or that creatures infested the mines over time, still with the miners working. Many boxes on the way contained spears, knives, and even this old-fashioned pistol in perfect working order. Finally I can stop being a barbarian with a sword in hand and stop spreading blood all around me (just far from me now, it's cleanier, you know)." "Walking deeper and deeper into the mine, there was a large site, where an imposing creature and its friends were inside. Apparently the same creature was trapped inside, and with the pull of the high-tech trigger and a safe place to stay, not even in all its imposing, was able to take the shots or reach me. Bad luck to him I think." Looting all the way the abandoned mine: Enemies killed:
  4. 80 hours somewhat, but never passed by second boss. I always dropped the game because was playing together and waiting for others, but decided to go solo non-stop now. So, I already know the game basics. Maybe something in future can be troublesome to handle, but inittialy its fine.
  5. Yes, like Terraria, but with a few less action and more future-like scheme, you can even fly to other planets and systems. Also it's more quest-based oriented, so you somewhat know what you can do in next steps. Also, I took like 20 minutes putting all this together.
  6. List of parts: Part 01, Part 02, Part 03, Part 04 Part 01 "Hello, I'm Potentially. Today I'm gonna graduate and become a new Protectorate." "You must be asking, why I have a strange star in my face? That's as rude as asking you why you have that strange hair in the top your head. But replying to that question, I'm from a race called Novakids, we are made out of gas inside, in the same way that you are filled out with water. Don't ask me for more of those details, since it's boring. I really want that Matter Manipulator to make my travels easier and help other races and planets with my mission. With that in mind, I run for my graduation ceremony." "I'm not really a fan of speeches and I almost took a nap because of that, but I'm so glad that I did not fall asleep." "As soon as the first tentacle appears like a old human porn and kills the guy who was lecturing, I started run away like a crazy gas in direction of my spaceship while my support A.I. was screaming and alerting me everytime. I managed to enter my spaceship and escape Earth from it's doom." "In my escape from Earth, I made a lot of mistakes handling my own spaceship. In my haste to fly away from the planet, I made the ship too much faster than necessary, damaging it really bad. Luckily enough, my support A.I. was smart enough to handle the situation, although it crashed after that." "Even though I tried to tinker in and out of the control panel, my spacecraft only orbited this planet, leaving me the only choice to get off and look for something that could fix it, as well as worry about my own survival. Luckily I still have some tinned food, a sword and a flashlight. I decided also to not wear the Protectorate clothes anymore, to not mud them." "As soon as I went down to the planet, I saw that the air is easily absorbed by my body, just like the old Earth, although I feel a certain lack of pollution. And since there is life forms here, I think I can get food too. For now I'll walk around and get some resources for dealing with my situation. Despite the normal appearance of the creatures, they attack me mercilessly, and I have to fight each of them in my way." "In my way to find resources, my support A.I found out some strange energy emanating "On my way to finding resources, my support AI discovered a strange energy emanating from one of the corners of the planet, which I decided to go after. There was a teleporter, along with a message asking for help. Even if I wanted to help, I would have to put some core fragments together to feed the teleporter, so I decided to ignore this for now, since I have a lot more problems to deal with now. Why is a teleporter here in the first place? I continued walking on this planet with some caution, in view of the things I have already encountered." "Why there is a bed and a lit campfire here? I think there is someone here also!" "A bridge? Maybe this planet is populated already." "I found a gentle human explorer that was analyzing the planet, his name was @Infinite Citadel. Although he didn't help me at first, he said it's okay for me explore the old mine to check out for resources. Thank you." tl;tr : I'm playing Starbound on hardcore mode. I'm hoping to not die too early.
  7. I'm just trying to delay Denmark to crush me, since he warned me. I'm hoping for independence of they subjects for now.
  8. Done, I have Stellaris now \o/ Thank you people \o/
  9. No problem at all, since the game will be 3rd January.
  10. I almost thought myself that I had when you said that. But I don't have it, and I guess I never said that either, lol.
  11. I give 10k bauxite and 10k oil for anyone that buys me Stellaris, lol.
  12. I have the save with myself, I always save before quitting. Download here: https://uploadfiles.io/9e997 Uncompress and put it in "C:\Users\your_username\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\save games"
  13. I didn't take any screenshots, there was no key events for me. I just converted some people to catholic and take some more 2 provinces and more 2 vassals. Next sessions is the fight against Burgurdy versus Switzerland, Pomerania, Poland, Hungary, Denmark, vassals, and etc..
  14. I'll post some screenshots again: There are in order of events for me. Russia made war with my ally Denmark, so I was there to help in this soldier stack. After this war Russia x Denmark, religious war start somewhat near. Saving some Savoy people from GB in religious war. Attacking Paris in religious war, fight against French and GB. Fanag: "ANGLOS DONT KNOW HOW TO USE GUNS" After religious war, the first war (from first screenshot) didn't stopped yet, so I had to help my ally Denmark. After all wars stopped and the war reparations: Everybody loves the Emperor:
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