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  1. 69 There's a joke there somewhere.
  2. Went to see Whiskey Shivers, a local band, at a bar in early January. My roommates like to drag me along to concerts.
  3. Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea.
  4. Clinton was lousy but there is nothing bad about her that he wasn't significantly worse about. Not having a filter is not the same as being honest. He's a pathological liar that cares about nothing but his own narcissistic self image.
  5. The coverage is stupid. Why should I care about a wedding because one of the parties is a descendant of a medieval despot?
  6. Posted a thread on the CN forums for one. A few other people I knew in the game I met at random points. One of them I got to drink for the first time.
  7. Yes. I met about a dozen CN players IRL way back.
  8. I recently binge watched Deep Space Nine again. It's my favorite, has the most human elements, extended story lines, and nuanced morality. I haven't watched Enterprise or the original series. I've heard Enterprise is bad, and the original series should be graded on a curb given when it was made and its budget.
  9. La Pen isn't just "right leaning",she's a far right fascist. Worse than Trump, and that's saying something.
  10. It'd be close, but I think we've focused on very expensive quality so much that it would be very difficult for us to scale up. Kind of like Germany in WW2. They had the highest quality tanks and planes, but they couldn't produce or fuel them efficiently. Each F35 costs over 100 million dollars.
  11. Usually positively. Often it's a combination of both.
  12. Yes... but they should be required to offer cash offers (not vouchers) up to 2x or 3x the ticket price.
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