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  1. Fistandantilus

    Poll of the Day (1/5/18)

    I'm in the "Other" Category I think heh. I personally think they work for some people and don't work for others XD. The most common reason they don't work from my observations is that a lot of other people just don't have the self awareness or empathy to make them something good long term. But when 2 people do have those things it can be the greatest thing in the world and turn life into something incredible every single day for decades XD
  2. Fistandantilus


    Welcome to the team!
  3. Fistandantilus

    Greetings Techno Barbarians

    Thank you guys for the warm welcome!
  4. Fistandantilus

    Greetings Techno Barbarians

    Ben!! Yeah for sure man! I'm on slack for most of the American day with the name of: The Emperor
  5. Fistandantilus

    Greetings Techno Barbarians

    Thanks @Metz If you wish to learn more about the Emperor and his journey of reunification: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=93641
  6. Fistandantilus

    Greetings Techno Barbarians

    I am the Emperor of Mankind, your lord and protector from the horrors of the inmaterium. I have been watching humanity evolve sense the dawn of civilization, gently guiding the progress of our great species with great care and patience. In this age of galactic strife, I have emerged to personally forge the remnants of humanity into the great Imperium of Man. In addition to being a powerful space wizard, I also clone and genetically engineer super soldiers to fight my enemies and murder alien civilizations in my name. When I have time to get away from commanding the interstellar empire and xenos genocide, I am known to like long walks on the beach however. The Emperor Protects
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  8. Fistandantilus


    I see you have an excellent standing arm, it can be used to make you a lot of extra cash if you find the right targets! You want to find nations with power in their cities that haven't been raided recently(In the last month). You can make 450-3m per raid easily that way, it's pretty sweet
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  10. Fistandantilus

    Here I am

    I live in the United states and have always dreamed of visiting a place as beautiful and historic as that! Welcome!
  11. Fistandantilus

    Hey there

    It's a really neat game, I strongly suggest raiding other inactive nations for cash at your city count! It did me a lot of good! You can make several million fairly quickly if you raid people that have power and haven't been raided in over 30 days
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  13. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    Yeah, probably, hahah I do have that MMO itch still though
  14. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    Ive done the MMO grind to many times, I'm not sure I have any more in me
  15. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    That's interesting, have you gotten into a beta to try out the game play?