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  1. Fistandantilus

    Poll of the Day (1/5/18)

    I'm in the "Other" Category I think heh. I personally think they work for some people and don't work for others XD. The most common reason they don't work from my observations is that a lot of other people just don't have the self awareness or empathy to make them something good long term. But when 2 people do have those things it can be the greatest thing in the world and turn life into something incredible every single day for decades XD
  2. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    Yeah, probably, hahah I do have that MMO itch still though
  3. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    Ive done the MMO grind to many times, I'm not sure I have any more in me
  4. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    That's interesting, have you gotten into a beta to try out the game play?
  5. Fistandantilus

    Black Desert Online

    I heard about it a while back, is it looking good? I haven't played an enjoyable MMO in a while =/
  6. Fistandantilus

    Poll of the Day 2/27/16

    I haven't played one of these sense Gold How are the newer ones?