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  1. Zaxon

    Anime & Manga

    I don't watch as much anime as I used to but of recent shows I like Gundam Origins & Berserk 2016 despite questionable cgi effects. I generally don't like Gundam TV shows but the OVA and movies tend to be good. Kingsglaive was also better than I expected.
  2. Antarctica is severely unrepresented here!
  3. She certainly put them in their place, I loved that part.
  4. I predicted this before they even mentioned that. He's probably self-loathing and hating himself for not being able to accept who he is.Thus his anger towards LGBT stems from somewhere deep inside. I don't think his religion was as big a factor as his own personal identity crisis. He also claimed to follow Hezbollah a group that ISIS hates and the Boston bomber This is no different than some Italian kid saying they are connected to the mafia to make themselves sound tough. Saying it doesn't make it true.
  5. That's assuming they make them all quality but Rogue One looks better and more original than Force Awakens . Which to me had too much fanboy pandering for my taste not enough originality.
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