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    A Wild Grinch Appears

    Hello! My name is Grinsen. My friends call me Grin, the Grinch, or the Grin Reaper. Ten Random Facts about Grinsen: 1. I'm a Husband. 2. I'm a Father, my second borne is on the way. 3. I like to design graphics. [Maps, Flags, Icons, Buttons, Signatures, Avatars, etc.] 4. I love to write. Except when I'm making introduction threads, because I find it awkward speaking about myself to stran.. future friends. >.> 5. Avid Gamer. RPG, MMO, FPS, TPS, RTS, Etc, etc. 6. Avid Reader. 7. I like to philosophize about random often offensive items that most people don't think about, or want to. 8. I identify as a Libertarian Socialist, Secular Humanist. I also support the Cascadian Independence Movement in the United States, because why not. 9. I am fascinated by history in all its forms, by human thought, and by why those thoughts come to mind. I enjoy military history [Reading about it] the most. Though it often angers me. 10. I'm involved in a Mil-Sim Airsoft team. We do PT, and have been labelled as a Militia by law enforcement officials. >.> <3 West Coast glory.