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  1. Are you for or against globalization. Explain your view.
  2. I understand that you are not the biggest fan of the Democratic Party, but please moderate yourself as there are at least a few 'democraps' in this alliance and we should respect others points of view
  3. If the election were held today, who would you vote for?
  4. Which Comic Studio do you think is better? Put your reasoning below.
  5. Approximately how many hours of community service have you done in the past year in your immediate community. I would count community service as any volunteer work that you did for the sole purpose of benefiting the community.
  6. Do you think gentrification is a net positive or negative thing?
  7. What device do you access P&W from most often. You can choose more than one if it's split between two different devices.
  8. I would say that despite these points, Pantheon is an extremely vital player in syndiOOsphere. This is true, because they have a large presence in the whale tier which helps protect all of our mid-tiers and allows the mid and especially upper mid to operate more freely. Additionally, they seem like loyal allies who always have our back which is not something to be taken for granted, especially for an alliance with as many old, big nations as pantheon.
  9. Who do you think is the most valuable alliance in syndiOOsphere? Write your reasoning below.
  10. After the 0 food output seen for a day or so this war, do you guys think a treaty will be agreed to by the major alliances in regards to the use of nuclear weapons?
  11. These are the official rules and I have already received quite a few entries, but please keep them coming! This will remain the poll of the day until next Monday. Once I post on Monday, there will be no new entries.
  12. Send your memes my way, the original post and thread contain the rules (my posts only). Posted in the beginning of June I think.
  13. Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of polls, I was on a vacation in Europe with my family so I more or less missed the war . Anyway, I have no trips in the foreseeable future and will try to give you guys a new poll every day I can! Anyway, if you want to specify more, feel free Alexander II
  14. My heart goes out to all those effected by the massacre which took place in Orlando yesterday.
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