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  1. Since there are no more submissions, I'll start the AAR tomorrow.
  2. If you could fill out this template, that would be excellent (Empire Name) Homeworld: Name (Type) Species name: Name (plural: Names, adj: Nameian) Phenotype: Based on this List, tell me where it is (3rd row, column 5) Traits: http://www.stellariswiki.com/Traits#Standard_Traits < from this list, select any that total to 2 (i believe, correct me if I'm wrong) Ethos: http://www.stellariswiki.com/Ethos#Ethos_types < must add up to 3 Government: Pick a government systoms Tech: Weapon Type, Movement Type (Type of Ship) Play style, roleplay, and brief history
  3. You will also be able to tell me how you would like to play it. I'm pretty open to anything and I'm selecting from a random generator anyways
  4. I'm going to do a Stellaris AAR. However, instead of building my own race, I'll be using a race suggested by you. Please put a race suggestion below!
  5. I'll likely miss this session unless I can learn latin in an hour.
  6. Gah I want Poland but I won't be able to do every session for the full time. GRRRRR! E: If no one else picks Poland I would like to play as it but list me officially under Denmark E2: Also I like rule 3
  7. I can do wednesday. Friday is preferable though, but i doubt it matters.
  8. you can still join- you just won't have a custom civ. Also we might restart or move the day so you can join then.
  9. 9:00, but we already have a game started so you can't create your own civilization.
  10. I'm not going to be at the session today.
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