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  1. Haha when i saw the topic my first thought was immediately "sargun".
  2. Since there are no more submissions, I'll start the AAR tomorrow.
  3. If you could fill out this template, that would be excellent (Empire Name) Homeworld: Name (Type) Species name: Name (plural: Names, adj: Nameian) Phenotype: Based on this List, tell me where it is (3rd row, column 5) Traits: http://www.stellariswiki.com/Traits#Standard_Traits < from this list, select any that total to 2 (i believe, correct me if I'm wrong) Ethos: http://www.stellariswiki.com/Ethos#Ethos_types < must add up to 3 Government: Pick a government systoms Tech: Weapon Type, Movement Type (Type of Ship) Play style, roleplay, and brief history
  4. You will also be able to tell me how you would like to play it. I'm pretty open to anything and I'm selecting from a random generator anyways
  5. I'm going to do a Stellaris AAR. However, instead of building my own race, I'll be using a race suggested by you. Please put a race suggestion below!
  6. There comes a point in which you have to stop respecting the man for what he did in defeating 4 superpowers and realize that he screwed generations of people who lived in Vietnam for years. I don't particularly get why people hate imperialism, as long as they get the cushy life and fair pay they deserve.
  7. This nation is in Vacation Mode for the next 259 turns. This nation cannot be attacked or traded with during that time.
  8. They are. You can ask them for that in checks and they are required to give it to you (or so I thought).
  9. I feel like this would honestly be a draw/Indian Victory. It would be a draw probably since these two nations are so closely matched. You might say "Peng, China has the higher GFP ranking!" Yea, that's true but one of these 2 countries has a giant fucking mountain range in between. "Oceans!" yea well fuck you (jk ily). I think it might be an Indian victory because Indians have a history of militarizing themselves in the face of danger (in the Indo-Pakistani wars for example). However, many members of the Chinese population do not want to be there (just from personal experience and media snippets) and most just are ambivalent. idk a lot of this is my opinion but i feel like this makes sense.
  10. Alright, let me tell you why the electoral college is one of the smartest things put into the United States constitution. If the vote was decided 100% on popular vote, 3 problems would occur: 1. Most Candidates would only focus on big cities (Chicago, LA, Atlanta, New York City) meaning that none of the smaller states would get a major say in the government. And for good reason, because there are a lot of people in those cities. However, those people tend to be all of the same party (democrats), which leads into my next problem. 2. Popular vote would mean that democrats win all the time. Which sounds great, but eventually the party will fracture into a niched system where you have communists, socialists, etc etc (basically different types of democrats). You'll end up with a lot of different parties, which means that your president will not have a majority of the votes, but only like 20%. However, you might say that popular vote is a better representation of all of america, which is false because: 3. With the electoral college, no one candidate can win with having appeal in one region. No region of the US (south, midwest, north-east, blah blah) has enough electoral votes to deliver someone the presidency. Look at Romney. That's it. I'd love for someone to add to this or refute this, because it's fun arguing about things that I know about and that make sense to me.
  11. don't have friends can't play tabletop also no money. I do like the Warhammer lore books and stuff, I read those all the time. Do you like the lore in warhammer or just the pieces?
  12. vaccines shouldn't be mandatory because natural selection should be allowed to sort that shit out.
  13. No government can fairly and equally represent the rights of each individual country. Maybe once we have technology that makes us far more connected, but it still takes someone 10+ hours to get from Chicago to Paris. The world is just to big of a place for a world government to handle. Also, who would decide what kind of ruling system is in place? Plenty of people think a dictatorship is better than a democracy (I'd imagine). There's too many logistical problems
  14. Betting Market had a tough time with Trump though. It's the exception, not the rule, but still. I agree with Woot. If there is a terror attack before the election, especially in France, her chances of winning probably double. Otherwise, its another Wilders situation.
  15. I'll likely miss this session unless I can learn latin in an hour.
  16. Gah I want Poland but I won't be able to do every session for the full time. GRRRRR! E: If no one else picks Poland I would like to play as it but list me officially under Denmark E2: Also I like rule 3
  17. lmfao at the fact that cenna is banned from our forums (iirc) 20
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