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  1. Raiders Dolphins Seahawks Giants I actually don't know who's who I just picked the best names
  2. Hydraik

    Best 4.0

    lol someone actually voted for me! guess I'm more active then I thought
  3. Is it still fapping if a girl does it?
  4. Support Cancer Awareness! First post a pic taken After Oct 31, a completely clean shaven pic that is! And then post regular updates if you want No later then Dec 1 post you're final unshaven pic and we'll put up a poll and everyone will vote to see who has the best growth! IC and ladies shaven/unshaven leg pics are appreciated! For those who already have growth and refuse to shave it you're welcome to post your pic, but you won't be eligible to win the poll Let's all have fun and remember that it's for cancer awareness and just a game Here is my entry shaved today Nov 1st!
  5. WOW there you almost stole my birthday youngin, instead you stole my cousins on St Patricks day that's ok don't worry
  6. Is joining treasure island what we want?
  7. I voted on I don't like meme's purely for one reason, there are no examples guess i was just supposed to randomly choose? Ya I wasn't going to do that so you definitely skewed the results to ones that sounded the most familiar to people aka Harambee, I'm disappointed...
  8. I was born and raised Mormon though I no longer am active in the religion.
  9. Too bad for him because every internet is a man
  10. Definately needed a who option so us noobs can vote so for future reference #rememberTheNoobs!
  11. I'm on Android but I'll post what I ended up having to do maybe it'll help. First I ended up having to download a recording app from the app store. Then I made a recording in that app. Great!... Now I can't access my recording except through the app... You still following? If that's you above then hopefully your app has a share option on it. I was then able to share it through the slack app. Then i was able to download it from slack successfully getting it into my downloads. Then go to Vocaroo.com and there should be an upload button in smaller writing. Then you should be able to choose to upload it from your downloads and voila! Now share your link good luck!
  12. Never been there. Would like to go someday though Fun Fact: In Canada milk is sold by the bag.
  13. http://vocaroo.com/i/s0jy90yY4o6S
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