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  1. Horror. Pervasive, soul blackening horror.
  2. Lies and slander, everyone knows pastaland, is right next to swiss-cheeseland, wine-cheeseland and steel-beerland
  3. better be the hivemind I told ya about, its rough. EVERYONE hates your balls.
  4. I was super invested in The Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, until GW turned it into Age of Shitmar. 40k has been a huge part of my gaming life for almost 20 years now, I used to read everything they put out, but I've cut back significantly with their absolutely idiotic publishing scheme that puts their non existent stores ahead of the rest of the country for literary releases by 6+ months. As for tabletop 40k, I play Flesh Tearers. (Till they fuck up the next edition of the rules and they turn it into 40k Age of Shitmar, anyway) My chaplains, one of my librarians, and my custom sternguard veterans squad. All converted, and sculpted, by yours truly. That green sculpting is basically, a living manifestation of the librarians hate, that he can use as a weapon.
  5. As idealistic as it is to hope that humanity is approaching the Federation at some point in the future, we still have centuries of internecine conflict with ourselves over stupid things like who has the best invisible friend, to reach that goal in any of our lifetimes.
  6. Have some 6mm German Empire mans. Still waiting on the damn weather =(
  7. Thats just one army for one era. I've got 6mm ancients, more warhammer armies than I can shake a stick at, some victory at sea ( 1/1800 navy stuff from ww1) Oh and i Have some 6mm German Empire and French companies for a ww1 theater level game. Those German Infanterie are suffering from the terminal greyitis. Can't paint till the weather in The People's Republic of Illinois decides which freaking season it is.
  8. Here is most of my Barbarossa Germans with a few things that shouldn't be there, and many things that I haven't built yet. I have to replace the stugs, they are from later in the war, the king tiger, obv shouldn't be there but I had a box and its a big cat, cmon. 5 infantry platoons of rifle / mg teams, some mounted pioneers, 10.5 tube arty some pack 40s ( which there were only a couple dozen of in 1942) Still in boxes are some Panzer IIIs, some marders, 2 heavy machine gun sections, the tank hunter squads, some nebelwerfers, 2 infantry gun sections, 6 8-rads, 3 stukas and 1 beutepanzer, either a T-34 obr 1940 or 1941, haven't decided yet, oh and the flamerthrowers. Fioneers love flamethrowers. I also have to find a decent 15mm opel blitz to replace the halftracks. [Edit] oh and one more damn 88.
  9. Yea. That tank is an experimental tank destroyer called a dicker max. Its mostly resin so it wasn't that many pieces but my 15mm tigers were like.......30-40ish pieces? I could spam this thread for weeks doing that, gimme a bit and ill line up the germans I've assembled in the last few days. Unfortunately due to crap weather I haven't been able to prime anything for paint. Many many more germans are still on sprues. Thanks for the snarky reply. The woman who was going to be my fiance, the woman who was going to bear my son, is dying from cancer, and focusing on a hobby again, saved my life. But hey, to each his own.
  10. I can't be the only nerd on The Internet. Any of you guys play tabletop wargames? Warhammer, Flames of War, Saga, Napoleonics, Victory at Sea, Ancients et al? 28mm? 15mm? 6mm? <Weird other scale>? I'm currently working on an early-mid war German Infanterie Company circa the beginning of Barbarossa. Lots of halftracks to build. And tanks. many. MANY. Tanks.
  11. Beat me to it. We totally need 10 more stars.
  12. 99.99% of the problem, is this explanation, right here. It's not, "gun violence". Its violence. Violence, was not committed by "illegal guns". It was created by criminals. Criminals who almost universally get to walk for their crimes around here, no thank you Rahmfuher, or when they did actually go to prison, ol' barry in the white house wrote them a god damn pardon. I had to take my local government to FEDERAL court, along with my fellow citizenry, to force The Peoples Republic of Illinois to give me my rights back. It only happened because a dear, sweet old lady, who never hurt anyone was brutally assaulted at her church and almost beaten to DEATH by a felon who had JUST walked out the revolving door around here, for committing a similar crime. Our mental health reporting, in a word, sucks. It doesn't help the people who need it, and it targets people who are not a threat to themselves or anyone else and strips them of their rights. You want a solution to the problem of urban violence its pretty god damn simple, if you are an animal that can't coexist with society, you belong in a cage, and we don't let you out of the cage over and over again to keep showing up at future murder scenes, and assaults. Prison, should be prison, not a 4 star beach resort you take a vacation to every couple of months.
  13. There are PLENTY of people, that think the world would become a happy snuggly place of love and peace, if the government would but ban guns and confiscate.
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