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  1. The options should have been I ate Nemo's mom I have never tried to eat Nemo's mom Fish are friends not food!
  2. Of all the unholy things to witness....uh uh. I’d have lost my cool, salvation, and all logical sense.
  3. Mine is a simple tumbler with the logo of the ministry I work for. It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Its reliable and always ready to walk out the door.
  4. I have played them all. Enjoyed the ones as a kid with the horrid graphics. I think some of the more recent ones are too complicated and take away from the enjoyment of the game overall.
  5. Optima

    Would Ye

    Well? Be HONEST! For those of you who don't know what that means, I've provided the definition below. hon·est ˈänəst/ adjective 1. free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere. "I haven't been totally honest with you" synonyms: truthful, sincere, candid, frank, open, forthright, ingenuous, straight; More
  6. Optima


    I figured the Capital Punishment poll would have brought such a level of involvement and debate...Now just a simple, what time line do you live in topic, and y'all lose your minds. Many laughs, thank you all.
  7. Optima


    I chose 1910 - 1985 because of the upheaval that happened. Not just world wars, but man walking on the moon, technological marvels, and and other landmark happenings.
  8. I've always imagined visiting King Arthur's court. To watch some of the iconic moments of in the history of my country. I've even thought about going so far back that I could watch Christ sacrificing himself on the cross for the world. So in what era would you like to live/visit? Make this topic more interesting and explain your reasons why. Most of the answers we get with these polls can provide for some hilarious commentary, for proof check out the topic titled Pizza! Pizza! or click here
  9. I've seen tons of moral arguments come up on our slack channel. I'd like to see where we stand on the subject of capital punishment.
  10. Recomputing... Recomputing... Recomputing... Request Denied.
  11. We choose from the best!
  12. You are overthinking this....
  13. You are found dead in the middle of your living room floor. The only clues are a locked front door, a whistling tea kettle on the stove, a bloody knife next to your lifeless corpse, and a business card with a pink lipstick kiss on the back. You can't stop it from happening, there is no time loop to reverse your tragic fate, all you can do now is to choose which inspector from literary fiction you would prefer to investigate your alleged murder. Whom do you choose?
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