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  1. Fanag


    Already do a weekly Stellaris so I'd prefer eu4.
  2. Fanag

    This Land is Your Land: A Darkest Hour: Kaiserreich AAR

    Surprised this is still going, read up what I missed the past year. Remember when you first started.
  3. Fanag

    TKR Leaderboard

    Ouch I really fell behind.
  4. Fanag

    Greetings from Talus

    Welcome aboard, IRON was my first alliance back in 2007 (although my history with them has mostly been negative). Happy to have you around, hope you find yourself an Order soon enough! You'll find a vibrant and active community around here. How's IRON these days anyhow?
  5. Fanag


  6. Fanag

    I'm kinda late for the party

    (belated) Welcome aboard Rado! Judging by your post you seem like an interesting person. I hope you one day no longer feel lonely. I see you've already made strides to be active and a participating member in TKR and I'm glad we have you around.
  7. Fanag

    Musical Chairs - a Paradox Megacampaign

    nice stuff, looking forward to the hoi4 one lol
  8. Fanag

    British taxes on colonists justified?

    The Parliament could have co-opted some support for the revolution if they had simply given representation in Parliament to the colonies.
  9. Fanag

    new to all this

  10. Fanag

    What languages do you speak?

    English, Portuguese, a little Russian.
  11. Fanag

    the non-offensive inquisition :)

    I swore a lot in Middle School then it became boring in high school. More creative ways to express yourself or insult people anyway
  12. Fanag


    V A P O R W A V E
  13. Fanag

    US Invasion of Iraq Justified?

    I'm saying it in a joking manner, but I do think the Kurds are the U.S.'s most reliable partners in Iraq and Syria. In both places they are secular allies that have common interests. The US just sent a couple hundred Marines to the SDF's territory to help them take Raqqa while the U.S. is helping the Iraqi coalition in Mosul.
  14. Fanag

    US Invasion of Iraq Justified?

    Nonsense, we gained non-jihadist non-dictator allies in the Kurds who are amazing and cool. Free Kurdistan.
  15. Fanag

    Who are we to blame for starting World War 1

    Backstabbing spaghetti demons.