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  1. Yir Yoronti

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    Lucky you, shaving every day is a pain in the ass
  2. Yir Yoronti

    Here is my application

    I know you'll never see this but how the hell did you manage to mess up your application so hard...
  3. Yir Yoronti

    The Politics and War AD

    New phone, who dis?
  4. Yir Yoronti

    Yui Introduction

    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiishiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I have a feeling its in my best interest to say no, but thanks for the offer
  5. Yir Yoronti

    Yui Introduction

  6. Yir Yoronti

    Poll of the Day (19/4/18)

    Pfft do you expect me to read stuff properly?
  7. Yir Yoronti

    Poll of the Day (19/4/18)

    oh my I remember some drama about that in the past. How could there be 2 daily polls... the world was ending
  8. Yir Yoronti

    M'ilord has Awaken

    Even this? If so what you said earlier is the truth!!
  9. Yir Yoronti


    Welcome to the alliance Yodder Regarding the orders: http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Knights_Radiant
  10. Yir Yoronti

    Application IMPORTANT

    I don't have anything to do with the application process
  11. Yir Yoronti

    Search for a missing embassy 2.0

    @Kaladin Stormblessed looks like something is funky with the masks
  12. Yir Yoronti

    Valentine day

  13. Yir Yoronti

    Valentine day

    Didn't you break up with Lordship?
  14. Yir Yoronti

    Who stole my reps?

    I'll poke a few admins about it
  15. Yir Yoronti

    TKR Leaderboard

    Look ma I'm on the list