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  1. Really weird, just had another member try it out and they were able to apply back normally.
  2. Welcome back to the game. Unfortunately IC decided RL is more important than us so he's not playing anymore but @Azaghul is still here. Not sure who else is from MK. What does is say when you get the error?
  3. 5 upvotes to me thanks to "your" picture, HA! :D

    1. Micchan


      Post more if you like reps

  4. Look a unicorn!

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    2. Yir Yoronti

      Yir Yoronti

      You're just jealous that I don't want to ride a penguin. 

    3. emperorpenguin
    4. Bhuto


      lol penguins are awesome too :) 

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