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  1. 5 upvotes to me thanks to "your" picture, HA! :D

    1. Micchan


      Post more if you like reps

  2. Hello Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to TKR, hopefully you'll like it here. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. Hi I am New to this gaem...

  4. Look a unicorn!

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    2. Yir Yoronti

      Yir Yoronti

      You're just jealous that I don't want to ride a penguin. 

    3. emperorpenguin
    4. Bhuto


      lol penguins are awesome too :) 

  5. Bambino Signing In

    Welcome to our forum. Did you decide to come on your own or did you draw the short straw?
  6. Leninface Application

    It should be sent automatically to the e-mail you provided. Check your junk folder.
  7. Hi there everybody

    Welcome. Oh a design student, graphic, clothing or something else? Also I noticed you've already joined slack, so if you ever have any questions or need help, just hop on and let us know, we'll gladly help out. Now the really important question, would you fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?
  8. Atlantic States of War

    You posted in the wrong area http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/
  9. Haiz

  10. Haiz

    I'm probing you more than I do the applicants heh. I see you have a serbian flag? Are you any chance from Serbia or did you just use a random flag? Also you applied to us in-game but then left, why do you not love us?
  11. Haiz

    I'm too afraid to say, already said too much
  12. Haiz

    Thats the only thing I was interested in, imagine a horse sized duck, thats scary. They are scarier than a horse sized duck
  13. Haiz

    Welcome to our lovely forum. Little warning, stay away from other IA guys, they aren't a very lovely bunch. How tall are you? Whats your eye color? Would you fight a horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses? Have you ever played some other nation games like CN, PT, NS etc? Do you guys grow your own roses or import them? Help me help you get to know each other more.
  14. Howdo

    I call BS, nobody likes that
  15. Oh. Hai.

    Welcome Abe.