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  1. Yir Yoronti

    Poll of the Day (19/4/18)

    Pfft do you expect me to read stuff properly?
  2. Yir Yoronti

    Poll of the Day (19/4/18)

    oh my I remember some drama about that in the past. How could there be 2 daily polls... the world was ending
  3. Yir Yoronti

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    Dio please don't cover for her
  4. Yir Yoronti

    A Passerby from Ad-Mech

    Stop taking somebody else's credit, he was already masked for hours before you posted. I did not expect something like this from you Adrienne, you should be ashamed. rude
  5. Yir Yoronti

    M'ilord has Awaken

    Even this? If so what you said earlier is the truth!!
  6. Yir Yoronti


    Welcome to the alliance Yodder Regarding the orders: http://stormlightarchive.wikia.com/wiki/Knights_Radiant
  7. Yir Yoronti

    Koentra will join

    How many people do we have sending invites to the alliance? Welcome to our forum and good luck with the application.
  8. Yir Yoronti

    Application IMPORTANT

    I don't have anything to do with the application process
  9. Yir Yoronti

    Search for a missing embassy 2.0

    @Kaladin Stormblessed looks like something is funky with the masks
  10. Yir Yoronti

    Valentine day

  11. Yir Yoronti

    Valentine day

    Didn't you break up with Lordship?
  12. Yir Yoronti

    Who stole my reps?

    I'll poke a few admins about it
  13. Yir Yoronti

    TKR Leaderboard

    Look ma I'm on the list
  14. Yir Yoronti

    the art gallery

    man it'd be difficult for me to return this, I'd still do it but damn I'd struggle
  15. 5 upvotes to me thanks to "your" picture, HA! :D

    1. Micchan


      Post more if you like reps

  16. Yir Yoronti

    Pizza! Pizza!

    Vote of no confidence!!
  17. Yir Yoronti


    To infinity and beyond! Can you say scurvy?
  18. Yir Yoronti

    Battle Brother - Running TKR as a mercenary company

    Hello Offended, I'm dad.
  19. Yir Yoronti

    Finding a better game than P&W

    No, I mean the images you linked aren't showing anything.
  20. Yir Yoronti

    Finding a better game than P&W

    @Joseph Stalinon the images don't work
  21. Yir Yoronti

    The Forum Fighters are Spreading

    Sorry boss, got no extra time for test server.
  22. Yir Yoronti

    Pro Wrestling

    Are you able to see John Cena?
  23. Yir Yoronti


  24. Yir Yoronti


  25. Yir Yoronti

    Power Rangers

    Are we talking about the Power rangers with Amy Jo whatshername? if so then pink ranger all the way