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  1. Blazer

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    I pre record so not an issue
  2. Blazer

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    Also, table tennis is very fun and requires quite a bit of technique. NFL would be the most entertaining sport to watch, imo
  3. Blazer

    TKR Favourite Sport Poll

    Watch rugby. Its football, but violent
  4. Blazer

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    Bleh, eww. Fortnite. Play something with more quality, kids. Also 21
  5. Blazer

    Poll of the day (16/6/18)

    Ah, bandwagoning Germany supporters aye. Belgium all the way! Been a fan since 2002. Didn't do well, but I just love them since
  6. Blazer

    Poll of the Day(10/6/18)

    I have a beard. It grows everyday but I only shave it once a year. I trim it every week tho
  7. Blazer

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Nope Haris?
  8. Blazer

    Guess Who Will Post Next

    Boi nope. Haris?
  9. Blazer

    Last person to post wins

    meh, lets start a story since we are here. Once there was a man that wanted to win this game, but in order to win, he needed a story.
  10. Blazer

    Poll of the Day(4/6/18)

    Exactly why I didn't vote. They were both ass.
  11. A little song about War. The story is awesome
  12. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    lol. Steelers are playing Chiefs. And is Texans a troll?
  13. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    I know the games are done. But you can look at slack for evidence of my picks. Falcons (My team, and they're doing good) Patriots (duh) Packers (red-hot team with a QB with playoff and SB experience) Steelers (Again Playoff and SB experience and the 3 B's well pull in the W)
  14. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    Texans Dolphins Seahawks Packers
  15. Blazer

    Best 3.0

    Man, bhuto, I'm new too. I'm a baby nation that can pack a punch. Grr