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  1. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    lol. Steelers are playing Chiefs. And is Texans a troll?
  2. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    I know the games are done. But you can look at slack for evidence of my picks. Falcons (My team, and they're doing good) Patriots (duh) Packers (red-hot team with a QB with playoff and SB experience) Steelers (Again Playoff and SB experience and the 3 B's well pull in the W)
  3. Blazer

    NFL Pick'em

    Texans Dolphins Seahawks Packers
  4. Blazer

    Best 3.0

    Man, bhuto, I'm new too. I'm a baby nation that can pack a punch. Grr
  5. Blazer

    Roleplay Map and Participants

    Greenland colors red and white. Name- Republic of Kalaallit
  6. Blazer

    TKR Role Play Starting

    Sign me up for Greenland. I will make it a great empire
  7. Blazer

    Comic Studio

    I read stuff like TWD and other comics.
  8. Blazer

    Community Service

    Hey, you helped the mentally disabled, I can appreciate that
  9. Blazer

    Community Service

    I volunteer at a free clinic, hospital, and at school, am in environment club. Not as much as other folks but quite a bit. Nothing to show off, but I like doing it. Makes my heart giggle a bit
  10. Blazer

    P&W Device

    My Laptop and Phone. Nothing else is important there
  11. Blazer

    Anime & Manga

    Shit, is that for real? Season 2 of OPM? I'm so hyped now, hopefully it's good. OPM is bae
  12. Blazer

    Last person to post wins

    Like that
  13. Blazer

    War End

    Curious to see other peoples thoughts on when the war may or may not end. Please be honest.
  14. Blazer


    I think this will discourage people to use them, but in wartime, people will just have a bigger food stockpile, like Micchan said. Now if radiation lingered for longer, say 20-30 days, then that would discourage people from nuking. 8 days is too small of a timeframe for people to care about it. They'll be like "I can wait it out" But if it was longer they would be discouraged from it happening. Now, that doesn't mean alliance won't discourage it, it just means we have to wait and see. Right now, anything is possible.
  15. Blazer

    US 2016 Election Prediction

    Shhh, you can't vote m80 lel. Jk, it's good to have younger people into politics.