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    People always forget about this, the forgotten stat, post your approval rating 726.71
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    And after some months... 100% (721.13) Goodbye leaderboard, I will never see you again
  3. Blackie gets the nomination for most improved everytime, it's because he always improves? No because he started from the bottom
  5. Abdul nominated himself for every category and I add him everywhere I can
  6. The topics The Heralds (all the ones made by Sojo) Keno Adventures Rebuilding Dancers Triple M Mitsuru in Japan Lego The posts Modi Mixology Warchest changes Let's wreck micros Video for Leo Memes for the Herald
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    @Chief Savage Man let's do this Except the last 3 years because I stopped watching it due to lack of time you can ask me anything
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    Maybe if I read positive comments but it's one of the hardest to follow if you don't watch weekly because has a lot of storylines involed
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    Godzilla 3: Hoshi wo Kuu Mono 5\10 Weak ending for this trilogy, Ghidorah is not cool as expected, too few Godzilla scenes, too many scenes with the humans talking Gurazeni Season 2 6.5\10 Another enjoyable season, I really like how they ignore victories and concentrate on the life of the sport guys Goblin Slayer 6\10 The action is good but he's really a terrible MC who can't say more than two words Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! 6\10 Pedogirls is a new genre, we have at least one every season, but I don't care since they keep it comedy based and the show is an ok slice of life a bit ruined by a bit of drama at the end that really doesn't fit with the rest SSSS.Gridman 4\10 Studi Trigger failed hard, some things from the past are still good, some things are not, a remake of a classic super sentai is not something I would do in 2018 Golden Kamuy 2nd Season 7.5\10 Good as the first season, I really like the style and how they go from brutal action to comfy moments and it doesn't feel Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa 7.5\10 Must watch for every Kaiji fan, you can see what the ba guys did during the story but in a comedy style Banana Fish 6\10 Gangs and mafia in New York, pew pew pew and new secret evil drugs, everyone is gay for some reason
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    Anime & Manga

    I think we can start with the recent big news, One Punch Man season 2 announced, on air somewhere in 2017. My body is ready. Also new season, fall 2016 just started Complete anime chart fall 2016 I will try everything as usual and then drop all the shit after the first episode.
  11. When you killed 11,099,072 soldiers, 351,744 tanks, 48,423 air, 2,405 ships, and 255,302 infra in a year and you don't even make the top 3 for fighters
  12. Here I voted Adrienne for nicest, myself for funniest, and Smith for most loved
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    Awards Voting Part 1 - Meme, Topic, Post

    Should be on this forum but let's make an exception
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    Anime & Manga

    Lupin wa Ima mo Moete Iru ka? 6/10 Very coo idea having Lupin go back in time to the first episode for the 50th anniversary of the series but it's a great idea for a movie, not for a 25 min special, too rushed Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho: Two Shots 6/10 Two special manga chapters adapted for the 20th anniversary, I liked the first story more Hataraku Saibou: Kaze Shoukougun 5.5/10 I expected better from this special, more weak than any episode of the serie, still ok I guee
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    Do you like magic? I like magic I even know some magic tricks and created one that I performed to friends and relatives, nothing crazy just some comedy and after misdirection a couple of big reveals So to make you understand how cool magic is I will post videos in this thread starting with this one It's Eric Chien a young magician from Taiwan during his exibition at the FISM of this year (the world championship of magic held every 3 years), he won his category and then the grand prize between all the category winners so he's the world champ of magic Since some people seem to not understand what he's doing in the first part with the cards I tell you to check the back color of the cards, after you get that you should be able to understand the story Read this after watching the video