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    I found the random mining video... ...very random. Go on @Kosonome
  2. Deus

    Potentially Story

    go on... @Kosonome
  3. As things are with things that are too big and constructed for only one purpose.
  4. How in the fuck is the international able to supply that number of men in the middle East? And how is it possible that those men still have fighting spirit left? Mysteries of Darkest Hour I suppose.
  5. Aww Me and my glorous legs shall rise again.
  6. I was quite surprised that so few died
  7. Either the banner is safe with me or it isn't. Either way since I am immortal then if this body dies I shall return in a new one.
  8. B. Its wiser to reduce the power before Overlord.
  9. You may use my input as a part of your AAR. Vote 1: The British question. Option B: This cabinet member is of the opinion that we should give the British territory to Canada, as the land belongs to his majesty and should be returned. The war for Britain wasn't a war of conquest, but of liberation of a proud people from a syndicalist yoke. Having said that, I believe we should rent a harbor and an airbase for the purposes of a continental invasion for the duration of the conflict in Europe. (in game terms you would have a province with a port and airbase in your control). Vote 2: The Irish question Option A: While his majesty has not relinquished the ownership over Ireland de jure, it was done so in practice. The Irish state excists. We shouldn't step into an issue and therefore not hand over ireland to UK. As a compromise we could have an plebicite in Ireland after the war in Europe has ended. Because to this cabinet member it seems that the Irish state wouldn't exist if it didn't have popular support whithin Ireland. Vote 3: Algerian question Option A: Help the French. While it goes against our anti-colonial policy National France is our ally and it wouln't do any good to destabilise the region further. It is not known what kind of government would result should the rebellion be successful, but one thing is sure - they will not be sympathetic to Japan because we decided to not intervene. They would have more pressing concerns of their own. Vote 4: the Mexican question Option A: Give the go ahead to reclaim territory Mexico is occupying. They took the land unlawfully and are using it to not only support the enemy, but profiteer from the larger conflict.
  10. D: invade Kenya. Also why does Narva belong to Latvia?There have nevere been any latvians living there. Something borked in the release scripts?
  11. You start with CK. Then port the savegame to EU4, then port to Vicky which you can play with till HOI. So in short Vicky.
  12. 1. Option A - We must Secure Borneo; Not only will the Germans be severely weakened we will gain resources from the Island. 2. Option C - Both India and NA; but send both cavalry armies to NA and both infantry armies to India. 3. Option A - Securing the seas is vital for the security of the Entente as a whole. We decided to become a part of it and we should commit to the fullest. Anarcho-Syndicalism and German Imperialism is a threat to Japan too.
  13. Option A. No appeasement, no trying to control the elephant.
  14. B and B Germany is too dangerous a foe to take on without a strong platform to stand on. Liberals.
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