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  1. Angevin

    03/02/19 - Concerts

    Can't remember, I stopped going to gigs when standing longer than 10 mins started giving me chronic kidney pain. Well that and when I went to see the Foo Fighters and there were people there who were not born when I got into the Foos in '95 (made me feel very old).
  2. Angevin

    Photo Sharing

    Moar Nudes!
  3. Angevin

    20/01/18 - Reddit

  4. I'm still poorly At least it is upsetting those IQ cucks
  5. Most loved? Someone is taking the piss.
  6. Angevin

    17/12/18 - Friends

    My favorite episode is "The one where Ross is Captain Sobel"
  7. Angevin

    17/12/18 - Friends

    Yeah, when it was on in the 90s
  8. Angevin


  9. Angevin

    12/12/18 - Are you in beige?

    Obviously not
  10. Angevin

    10/12/18 - Do you have any food allergies?

    No food allergies, some meds but no food.
  11. Angevin

    08/12/18 - Work Christmas Party

    I can't work so will be going to the DWP Christmas party, make sure the tax-payer gets value for money.
  12. Angevin

    24/11/18 - Clickbait IQ Test

  13. Angevin


    Bring back Medieval Castle Lego, fucking 80s style.