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  1. What the hell does an Italian know about Ice Cream?
  2. Where is the fucking No option?
  3. Winnie Mandela was a total shit, I doubt her children even miss her.
  4. I think people voted leave for many different reasons, it is easy to point the finger at the Torys however, without a sizable Labour vote voting to leave then Brexit would not be happening. It is all to easy to point the finger and say "xenophobia" etc etc etc. How you can't win a plebiscite like the brixit vote speaks volumes about Cameron et al.
  5. Question is would the USA be happy to have laws imposed upon it's legislature or have Federal law subserviant to a foreign court?
  6. I played the original back in the day
  7. Can't remember, I stopped going to gigs when standing longer than 10 mins started giving me chronic kidney pain. Well that and when I went to see the Foo Fighters and there were people there who were not born when I got into the Foos in '95 (made me feel very old).
  8. I'm still poorly At least it is upsetting those IQ cucks
  9. Most loved? Someone is taking the piss.
  10. My favorite episode is "The one where Ross is Captain Sobel"
  11. Yeah, when it was on in the 90s
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