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  1. RedFive

    It's over, Forum Fighters won

    Gov is supposed to be on slack... so... she can't unless she... you know... gets on slack.
  2. RedFive

    It's over, Forum Fighters won

    Goes to www.dictionary.com, types in "deserve", gets this result... [dih-zurv] verb (used with object), de·served, de·serv·ing. to merit, be qualified for, or have a claim to (reward, assistance, punishment, etc.) because of actions, qualities, or situation: to deserve exile; to deserve charity; a theory that deserves consideration. Her actions?? Maybe. She does have lots of posts... Her quality?? LOL - it's just lots of anime, I guess some people like that? Her situation?? what does that even meme? (that's a micchan joke... kek) Meh... I guess she really does "deserve" it. I guess her next step is to rue the day in slack. ...and given recent notes from gov, she should get on slack anyway! *obligatory slack plug here*
  3. **RedFive has declared on iiRegularBoi**
  4. RedFive

    Count to 1 million!

    This dumbass thing is still going on!? I can think of at least 71,039 ways to better spend my time... ffs...
  5. Let's show how this conversation plays out: "Hey guys, I am looking for advice..." "Yeah? How's that?" "I need some oil, send it to me." "WTF!?" "lol... bait and switch, bitches!! So send me the oil." "WTF!?!?" ... **adds him to his must nuke later list** **two years later** "Hey iiRegularBoi, want some free oil?" "YES PLEASE!!" **RedFive has declared on iiRegularBoi** "WTF!?!?" "lol... bait and switch, bitches!!"
  6. RedFive

    13/10/18 - Halloween Celebrations

    I have class that night...
  7. RedFive


  8. RedFive

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    Not to give it away... but... It's me. Duh... (I just zoomed way in to it and put my own face on it with some amazingly awesome paint skills - it took me at least 30 seco... err.. minutes to make such an amazingly awesome picture)
  9. RedFive

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    You found me out! If you zoom in close, this is what you see... https://imgur.com/3s4QKDz
  10. RedFive

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    What the hell, in the first picture... there is a pantsless dude on the right side of the stream near the bottom... Gross! ...but wait, how about those legs!? IC!? It has to be IC!!!
  11. RedFive

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    The one with the most orange... because it's TKR orange. Duh...
  12. RedFive

    08/10/18 - How often do you use Slack?

    This poll is "How often do you check Slack?" The next poll should be "How often do you check the forums?" Then we can poll in slack both of these questions and we can do a statistical correlation and bias calculation based on the location of the poll! My pocket protector is pounding from my elevated heartbeat! Sorry... my nerdy self got the better of me. I'll stop. *slides on glasses and turns back to his Excel file of data and begins writing out statistical formulas*
  13. RedFive

    08/10/18 - How often do you use Slack?

    Micchan, Please stop with this facade of slack hatred. Certain topics belong on the forums. Certain topics belong on slack. But when we war, slack is the superior messaging system seeing that the messages are live and allow for quick team coordination which is critical to knock out enemies earlier with as little damage to us as possible, so being a slack hater is simply refusing to be war effective. If you say... ...then to that I say, "FAK" the forum only players. Whatever your reason has been, I ask that you get on slack for when war comes around, you don't have to be on slack at all in between wars and you can keep with your precious forum fighter thing. However, during the first few days of a large scale war, being able to call on someone quickly is important to saving others or yourself. Continuing to refuse the use of the messaging system that the entire rest of the alliance has adopted and uses for war coordination, flies in the face of being a team player. I continue to be disappointed in how you act about doing what could be such a beneficial thing to yourself and your alliance mates. Please, please... just try it the next time we war so you can see that it DOES HAVE ITS PLACE.
  14. RedFive

    Picky Eater Test

    Amazing... I didn't even know buffaloes had wings!
  15. RedFive

    Picky Eater Test

    30. AC you are one sad pathetic person if you are pickier than me...