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  1. Do your job, you slackers.
  2. You ever put chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce, mixed in to chocolate ice cream? Do it, you will love it... I mean unless you are vanilla or some other sort of weird ice cream lover... **looks towards Italy and thinks about lemons** What's wrong with some of you?
  3. Dood... how old are you? ...my son is 9, he scored a 78... living life early I guess...
  4. Oh... snap. I had it backwards... I guess me thinking Japan has Fed seven monkeys upside doing while snorting cocaine and meth and having three looky-lous videoing and so forth is wrong... I should be looking at Pdunny and Modi for that... LMAO. that makes a lot more sense...
  5. Holy F. 97 @japan77? You about doubled my freaking score... Man... Am I just an old prude getting low scores? F.
  6. No tablet of any kind. Maybe never will get it as I'm already too old for "new technology"..... I use two other things instead of tablets; I have a laptop for work purposes that I also use for P&W and the forums. I have a cellphone for some work purposes, calls, texting, sexting with @Sargun, and a few choice games. I may never need a tablet, who needs a bigger screen? Wait... bigger screen... sexting... ... ... ...I should get a tablet...
  7. The next poll should really be "What type of phone do you have?" Over age 40 House phone; Corded: 20 foot or longer House phone; Corded: 10-20 foot House phone; Corded: Less than 10 feet House phone; Cordless: I'm fancy, bitch! Under age 40 Cell phone; Apple Cell phone; Samsung Cell phone; other Comment what type of cell phone you have in the comments.
  8. hmph... another young person poll it appears...
  9. oops... I voted for him, just forgot to vote and only commented above.
  10. All losses are sad. I say John McCain, a man who was a fellow vet, a fighter pilot in Vietnam. he had his plane go down and was captured and tortured by the Vietnamese, who later came home and went in to politics and had some arguably great moments (and some bad ones), and ultimately succumbed to brain cancer... where at the end he literally said "I'm ready to die"... it shows the power of cancer to take out a man like him who would stand up to anyone. That's sad in my book.
  11. Clearly we should do this like 3 to 4 hours earlier so the Europeans can also attend AND blackie can not. This is a jeanious idea if I have ever come up with one... :trollface:
  12. Almost half of the British voters agreed with your stance on not wanting regulations placed on them, there is no denying that. Americans largely probably wouldn't want that either. Hell, TKR didn't want that at the conclusion of this last war when IQ nations were trying to force a series of regulations on us. But, TKR has to deal with some for the overall good of the alliance, to end the war, and go back to a stronger econ position. American's largely do for the many organizations they are in because the benefits outweigh the negatives of those groups we are members in. However, the British (in this instance) seemed to not care about those negatives that came with the decision to leave the E.U. for whatever reason each group had. There is a reason why the British politicians are debating going against the very act the British voters voted for. It is a poor decision overall for the British.
  13. Terrible decision for Britain. Those who voted for it were promised to see slightly lower taxes that was previously necessary to facilitate remaining in the E.U. and was often the point the proponents for Brexit pointed to, but many/most who voted for Brexit didn't understand the full set of consequences they would incur in addition to those tax reductions. They neglected to consider the higher costs to buy and lower profits to sell British goods to the E.U. countries given that being apart of the E.U. previously allowed free trade. Thus, overall the GDP should come done some as well as most peoples individual incomes while seeing some increases in costs for the British people. This is the reason why some British politicians are now saying "we should undo what the voters wanted because in essence we have come to learn that this was a bad idea"... Anyway, any time you impede on peoples rights to deal with others and have "free commerce", you snuff the fire on what they can make, what you can tax, and how the country is overall. It's why a libertarian approach to governance is important to meeting the nation potential. at least, that is the way I see it.
  14. I must have forgotten that one. I heard it was a 4 faps out of 5 sort of game...
  15. I'll just go ahead and say this, and avoid all the future polls around this particular topic... I haven't played any game that has "tycoon" in the title: All of them: rollercoaster tycoon, transport tycoon, zoo tycoon, railroad tycoon, business tycoon, mall tycoon, pizza tycoon, lemonade tycoon, fish tycoon, hospital tycoon, TV tycoon, ski resort tycoon, moon tycoon, airline tycoon, prison tycoon, or even big biz tycoon. Yeah, I looked it up. All of those are games. What a fucking waste of an adolescence I could have had; had I only been born ten to fifteen years later... *fauns at the thought of P&W*
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