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  1. We should make a club! "OK" What do you want to call it!? "How about Test?" dafuq? Like, named after Pre and his marry band of misfits? An ode to a dead guy? "NO! I mean, like after a test" You mean all those final exams we had to take when we were younger!? "NO! I mean like a testing situation" Oh!! You mean like a test test!? Like an IQ test? My last one they told me I got a C+. A solid 78! "NO! You moron, like let's call it a 'test' club" Huh? "You're
  2. I didn't know it was a real thing you were doing, I have no idea so I'm going to say no. My bad. sorry for the late response, been busy with real life. Sometimes being an adult sucks... -Red
  3. Country name - Iranaraqistan (Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan - if that is possible) Color - the ugliest poop green you can make Ruler - Shah Talibanisis
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