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  1. RedFive

    08/12/18 - Work Christmas Party

    Yes, we have a work party, but it won't involve alcohol. It is also an ugly sweater contest, cookie contest, and best "Christmas" story. Each of the winners receives a free paid day off. I am hoping for the trifecta...
  2. I used to listen almost all the time at work. But... my current employer has a block on Spotify, those JERKS!!! So... I listen a little bit at home, when I'm working around the house etc. Not as much as I used to. 12,628 minutes...
  3. RedFive

    4/12/18 - Baseball v Keno v Dice

    Baseball to earn money to play keno... because I am always in bill-lock.
  4. RedFive

    We should get this place going again.

    I'm looking for some good pilots to fight with the rebels... let me know if you are interested... The Death Star needs destruction and we need all the help we can get. Red
  5. RedFive

    Europa Champions League 2018-2019

    I said no... but I should have said "no unless it's free". ...because I am really good at flipping coins. Like, really good. I get it right almost half the time! No exaggeration!
  6. RedFive

    24/11/18 - Clickbait IQ Test

    Lets see... a "IQ test" where the questions are really easy and laced with advertisements and asking you to share to everyone and their brother to show how smart you are... probably isn't a real IQ test and instead is just wanting you to spread their advertising laced fake test to everyone in an attempt to sell more views to whatever advertiser they duped into buying ads on their site... Come on people. "SHARE this IQ quiz with everyone you know." Actually.... I'm pissed because I only got 4 out of 10... FML
  7. RedFive

    22/11/18 - Favourite Game Genres

    P&W. That is all.
  8. RedFive

    Poll 17/11/18 - Paradox Winter Game

    Ouch. That actually sort of hurt...
  9. RedFive

    Poll 17/11/18 - Paradox Winter Game

    I feel so freaking old, I have no idea what this is about. I'm not THAT old. FML.
  10. RedFive

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    In past secret santa's we would send it all to the bank, and then the bank would disperse it. If people go looking for it, you can figure out who it came from, but that wouldn't be fun...
  11. RedFive

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    a town hall 11 clash of clans account is selling for a few hundred bucks... I'd take it!
  12. RedFive

    16/11/18 - TKR Secret Santa

    I just wanted to send someone 1,000,000 food in game and be done with it. no completely in game secret santa?
  13. I'm old. WTF is xbox live?
  14. I'm old. WTF is Steam?
  15. United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Greece (Crete), Spain, and Ireland