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  1. RedFive

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    @Sargun From now on I suggest "gents and Nizam". It's what she wants...
  2. RedFive

    TKR Age Poll (July 2018)

    He's calling you a lady. In other posts I've seen him refer to you as much worse, so this is sargun "being nice"... :trollface: //waits for emoji to appear// :gasp: ...slack codes don't work here! Stupid forums.
  3. RedFive

    Stratagem Embassy?

    Hmmm... maybe make a Stratagem Embassy?
  4. RedFive


    We should make a club! "OK" What do you want to call it!? "How about Test?" dafuq? Like, named after Pre and his marry band of misfits? An ode to a dead guy? "NO! I mean, like after a test" You mean all those final exams we had to take when we were younger!? "NO! I mean like a testing situation" Oh!! You mean like a test test!? Like an IQ test? My last one they told me I got a C+. A solid 78! "NO! You moron, like let's call it a 'test' club" Huh? "You're dumb" Oh... like we couldn't think of a better name, so we just called it 'test'? "YES!!" Oh... who cares about that anyway, no one will ever post in a 'club' anyway, it's stupid. "I think you're wrong. What a waste of a good opportunity here." I suppose you're right, so many cool things could be done with clubs! "oh... like the HotP could do something!" What a jeanious idea! Why didn't the last HotP think of something like that? "The last HotP was an ideeot." Let's fix our mistake now... "...Wait for it..." "LET's MAKE SOME SWEET CLUBS FOR ALL TO JOIN!!!" ... "..." ... "...so?" so... what? "What clubs should we make?" I don't know. "What a stupid idea this was." Hey, want to play some OBL? "Sure, this place sucks." heh... sure does.
  5. RedFive

    Choose One

    25 years ago I was ten years old, it was 1992. Technology wasn't what it is today... 22 million dollars in the year 2032 is not that much in all honesty, I'd be able to have way more than that if I go back to being ten again with my current knowledge level.
  6. RedFive

    Favorite Movie

    Clearly the best movie is when RedFive destroys the DeathStar; so the answer is clearly episode 4 - A New Hope... However, please don't talk about RedFives in any other episodes, especially "Rogue One". :sobs: Also - if you are a Star Wars nerd - read my factbook.
  7. RedFive

    Approval Ratings

    ...also - I hope folks in gov don't take this serious, there are loads of trolls (ahem - look at that last moron's message :trollface:) in our alliance, and those that may take this seriously (other than gov themselves) don't actually see inside gov channels and see what the herald or prince(ss) of war does as an example. So please remember what matters most is when your name is called upon that you step up and do your job. For the most part I've been very pleased and I would bet the majority of the alliance would agree if they see what everyone has done. Thankfully, I've had the privilege to look in to many of those channels to know that most do all they can to meet and exceed the expectations placed upon them, and that is all that we can ask for. - Red
  8. RedFive

    Approval Ratings

    Yeah, ummm... - I hold equal to disdain to all of them, thus I cannot in good conscious vote for any. Coup TCL! :trollface:
  9. RedFive

    Which Have You Read Before? Weeaboo Edition

    Where is the "I don't have time to read - I have to spend more time on the forums" option?
  10. RedFive

    Happy Thanksgiving

    :shocked: My attempts to coup have been subsided for at least another few days. I will recommence on Monday... I mean... "Down with the King!"
  11. RedFive

    The Most Important Things

    A non-answer. Well played, well played indeed.
  12. RedFive

    The Most Important Things

    Micchan, Slack has it's purpose. Do you feel the same way about discord? Trying to coordinate war hits on the forums compared to either slack or discord is asinine. Slack made us better in the last war for a number of reasons, the amount of extra things we have incorporated on to slack to give us fast notice on a number of different fronts (I won't list them all here - I am not certain this is a fully opsec channel) also makes us better. The whole "lets kill slack thing" is cute, but frankly you need to try it out and I am certain you will find real value there. Yes, long live the forum fighters and rah rah rah for the forums, but you need to try it before you continue to knock it. It has it's purpose and it is very valuable in that purpose. I am betting a lot of people would agree with this take... basically anyone who has been on slack as it stands today. Try it out... even if it is under a pseudonym, so you can understand. The worst thing that happens is you learn more about the "slack enemy you wish to kill". Red
  13. RedFive

    Describe The Person Above You

    Sticks his tongue out better than Nexa.
  14. RedFive

    Describe The Person Above You

    One who edits his posts. Edit: He's not the only one.
  15. RedFive

    Describe The Person Above You

    Must have negative blood type given his "-" below his name.