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  1. All power to the Forum Fighters
  2. If you want to embarrass him there's no need to roast him. Just wait for him to start talking
  3. Smith


    There is not greater investment than Legos Also posted pictures of your completed ones pls
  4. Smith


    The only real magician
  5. Smith


    post pics of your completed stuff!
  6. My vote wasnt actually for bettlejuice >_> I was just running with the joke. I vote Gattaca
  7. Smith


    Legos are awesome! I really want to buy the Star Wars Death Star but it's sooooo expensive
  8. Hey! Save that for the slackers >:(
  9. I'm vegan so 16. Before I went vegan it would have been 2
  10. I voted for the first one. But that one also covers so much more than the others >_>
  11. Don't play Stellaris so I'd prefer EU4
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