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  1. I will look into this, quite busy the next few weeks but it looks active with plenty of players: )
  2. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    The Spheniscan forces are relived to find that the only enemy to be found here is a particularly violent and randy ram. The Spheniscan Commander enjoys the ram later that night...for food, of course. There will always be malicious gossip from the citadel after all... The Spheniscan Republic has gained a small state producing a basic amount of food and taxable peasantry.
  3. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion The French Warlordship of Slavland

    The soil here is good a fertile from the sea airs, great fields of barley, wheat and rye grow here. French Slavland has gained a small state producing a basic amount of food and taxable citizens.
  4. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    "I am surprised by your genorosity, afterall I had heard of such brutality. I have lived in these lands many long years, so I will accept the governorship of my homeland."
  5. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    "Hurrah! Hurrah! We are saved. The men's spirits are raised. The army is rejuvenated and begins preparations to advance in an open march formation. The new commander is well received, considered one of the finest in the Spheniscan army. A horn bellows out from beyond a small hillock near the right flank of the army. The commander immediately orders a halt and to take defensive positions where they stand, fearing an ambush. A small troop of armored warriors on horseback, under a white banner ride towards the commander's position. "Keep your wits about you men, it could be a heathen trick. But stay your weapons for now. You men, with me, now. Hyaah" the commander sets out with his personal bodyguard towards the small troop. They both meet in the middle of the field, staying on their horses. "My name is Hetman Okurz, commander in chief of the Ferenci Army. You have come to my lands and seek to take what is not yours. Many of you have died by my sword alone. My men had you beaten on the field, but for those mongrel dogs who desecrate the dead. We understand your quarrel with them - we now share it. Your leader fell in battle, and honourable noble death, as good as any great warrior can hope. We no longer wish to fight. My men are spent. In the night we hunted down those damned corpse molesters and made great sport of them. We have taken, their leaders" Orkurz makes a gesture with his hand and points back across the plain. 10 men stand there, bloody and naked bound by ropes "they are yours, if you would will it?" The Sphensican Commander sits steady and sullen in his horse. "We make this proposal to you. You have proven yourselves noble warriors, which I respect. Will you allow us to join your horde? We are worthy soldiers as we have proven on the field. We see your supply train, we see your leaders riches, and we think that is something we would like. We seek blood, gold and glory. Be damned man, have ye no tongue? What say you?" Should the Spheniscan commander accept the offer, they will receive: 350 Light Horsemen 1 Very Competent General 330 Spearmen 1000 Militia Should he refuse, there will be another bloody battle.
  6. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    The die is now cast! The hostile forces do not decide to charge down the Spheniscan forces are they re-adjust their position, Hetman Okurz statting that is "Rude to interrupt your enemy while he is making a state. He sits astride his great war horse, observing the Spheniscan maneuvering. "See that they lack supplies? Their arrows will not harm us here be sure of it. But still, we must dislodge them from our land! Curse these infidels!" The Light Horsemen on the right flank advance at a canter, skirting by the spear walls - Okurz is testing the Spheniscan forces. "See! Don't you see I am right? They have no arrows left! Rider - deliver this message to Hetman Boldun at the center and then on to the far left to Chief Wargurz. They are to advance at once!" The rider nods in affirmation, then sets off the battlefield on his pony. Okurz sits back in his horse confidently, a great smile on his face. The center of the enemy forces, 2000 Milita and 500 Spears advance quickly towards the front of the Spheniscan front liner, before breaking into a final charge just 20 meters away from their target. The two forces collide with bone-cracking impact, spears splintering, shields cracking and men dying. The attackers suffer great losses and many grievious wounds, but they are fierce warriors and start to slowly push the spears back. The enemy spearmen jab forwards to the extreme of both flanks, penning the defenders ever closer together. The Spheniscan commander draws his great longsword, and at the head of 200 Men-at-Arms sallies forth, plugging a small gap that had emerged "Men, to arms! Kill these dogs!" buoyed by their commander, the Men-at-Arms engage in brutal hand-to-hand combat, stopping the enemy from pressing any advantage. Several hundred militia are routed, but before anymore can be routed, a quick spear thrust to the jugular mortally wounds the Spheniscan commander, who swiftly drowns in a pool of his own blood. The battle of the front flank ebbs and flows, with neither side able to make significant tactical advantage. The Spheniscan second-in-command, himself caked in blood and offal, breaks away from the frontline to survey the field, just as the enemy Light Horsemen engage on his right flank! Hetman Okurz, seeing that the battle for the front is in the balance, and observing several hundred militia fleeing across the field decides to engage. He orders 450 Light Horsemen under his personal command to attack, drawing his great scimitar and lowering his armored visor. "Charge! Hiy-eeeeeeh! Hiy-eeeeeeeh!" The horsemen hit the spearmen full tilt, horses and men flying through the air, spears and swords thudding with the almighty impact. They are lightly armored and the spearmen wreak a hefty toll on them, but in return they start to roll up the Spheniscan right flank. With two sides now engaged, the third side, the left flank of the Spheniscan force prepares for the onslaught of the "corpse fuckers". Okurz still lives, slicing at anything that moves. He senses a great victory is close, the right flank is being rolled up and the center is being pushed fiercly. Now, he thinks, now the left flank must engage. Victory is in our grasp! But Okurz is to be disapointed. The "corpse fuckers" have halted their advance. They are cowardly folk, for all their heinous acts and do not fancy dying today. Besides, there are plenty of good looking corpses alreadt - they aren't picky about which side the corpse fought for. They have stopped to fuck corpses that were killed in the initial flurry of arrows. The 50 horsemen sent by Okurz to assist them are incensed, drawing their swords on the corpse fuckers, and a mass brawl breaks out. The new Spheniscan commander, buoyed by the actions of the enemy is quick to act, moving his men from the rear and left flank to reinforce the center and right. "Damn those men! They have spoiled my great victory" cries Okurz, as he slices through a spearmans skull, brains splattering across his visor. "Fall back men! Back! Do not run, dogs! You have not lost this day!" The message get through to the frontline, and the militia and spearmen pull back - the militia in general dissoray but the spearmen in reasonably good order. The Spheniscan forces are too spent to pursue their advantage. They will remain here and hold the field until supply and reinforcements can make it through. CONCLUSION - DRAW Spheniscan forces hold the field but not the region. They must be reinforced next turn to fight again, or they can retreat. Wounded units cannot fight next turn unless healers are sent. CASUALTIES Hostile Forces 97 Lighthorsemen Dead / 58 Lighthorsemen Wounded 381 Militia Dead/ 658 Militia Wounded 600 Routed/Defected 68 Spearmen Dead / 89 Spearmen Wounded Spheniscan Forces 265 Spearmen Dead / 342 Spearmen Wounded 52 Men-at-Arms Dead / 98 Men-at-Arms Wounded 1 Commander Killed
  7. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    The great formation halts and begins to quickly re-form into defensive formations - the sign of a professional army. The only problem is, yet again, the lack of supply. The archers have already spent most of their arrows, nullifying their impact. The table formation itself is strong, but lacks real maneuverability. The lack of supply again means that unless decisive action is taken they will not be able to hold forever. The enemy forces are not strong enough to complete an envelopment of the Spheniscan forces, however they converge on the table from the Front, Left & Right Flank, leaving the chance of escape to the rear a possibility. Should the Spheniscan forces yet again retreat it will surely be a blow to morale. The Commander now realises his lack of supply is critical. He faces three options. 1. HOLD & HOPE. He holds his nerve with the table, trusting that the Enemy will decide to launch an assault, 2. OFFENSIVE. He hopes to revert to his previous plan and smash the enemy forces, hopefully enough to break them. 3. RETREAT. Realizing yet again that they have overstretched their supply, he pulls his forces back.
  8. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    THE BATTLE OF THE OKARRA STRAIT The Spheniscan initial cavalry archer raids is reasonably ineffectual due to lacking numbers. The massed wall of spears and infantry advance headlong towards to Militia line, who are flanked by two companies of fierce tribal spearmen. The enemy sees the massed phalanx, and knows that it will crush the center if left unchecked. On the right flank, 450 Light Horsemen circle around the phalanx to attack its delicate rear under the able command of Hetman Okurz - a real brute. A smaller force of 50 Light Horsemen moves on the left flank to dislodge the minor irritant of horse archers. Marching from the far left, unchecked, is 450 tribal militia - the corpse fuckers. The Spheniscan commander notes the enemies movements from the rear of his great phalanx. He knows that if he continues the assault on the center he will surely smash through, but the risk of encirclement will be high - the phalanx formation is susceptible to flanks attacks. Will he hold his nerve, or change his battle plan? PLAN A - March on! The Spheniscan phalanx hits the Militia full on in the center, seeking to take control of the center ground. PLAN B - Caution! The Spheniscan phalanx checks its movements and forms up to protect its flanks from assault. PLAN C - Feigned withdrawal! The Spheniscan phalanx checks its advance and begins to retreat in order. The enemy may see this as a sign of weakness and charge its cavalry headlong into ruin. PLAN D - Retreat! The Spheniscan Commander loses his bottle and orders a full retreat.
  9. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion The French Warlordship of Slavland

    The Warlords leave the lands behind them and march further and further away from home, rumours of disgruntled states are naught but the "jabberings of peasants and womenfolk" to the Warlords. The locals here are also miners, but not of iron. They mine precious metals - mercury, platinum and aluminium as well as small supplies of copper. The miners are a hardy folk but keep themselves to themselves. They allow the region to fall under to protection of the Slavs, but forever keep their distance as long as their mining goes uninterrupted..
  10. Priydan

    The Execution of King Rook the Flash

    Baron von Priydan and Baron von Sandburg have concluded that no one man shall ever rule here again. It shall be run by the protectorate of Barons, one per region. The vast coffers of King Rook have been deemed to be worth 20,000 Credits. The Barons begin a complete overhaul of the military. Stone Fort is built in Q12 (Lower Eschen) Stone Fort is built in Q10 (Upper Eschen) Stone Fort is built in ME (Westchalfen) Stone Fort is Built in MM (Upper Saschen) Stone Fort is Built in MI (Wolfenstracht) (2500 Credits) Baron von Graff (Q12 - Lower Eschen) 2000 CREDITS 1000 Militia (200) 200 Pikemen (400) 400 Longbowman (1200) 400 Spearmen (200) Baron von Engels (Q10 - Upper Eschen) 2350 CREDITS 1000 x Militia (200) 500 x Spearmen (250) 200 x Halberdier (1000) 300 x Longbowman (900) Baron der Goff (ME - Westchalfen) 1750 CREDITS 1000 x Militia (200) 500 x Spearmen (250) 500 x Men at Arms (750) 100 x Cavalry Archer (500) Baron Baumgartlinger (MM (Upper Sachen) 1550 CREDITS 1000 x Militia (200) 500 x Spearmen (250) 200 x Men at Arms (300) 100 x Pikemen (200) 200 x Longbowman (600) Baron von Haase (MI - Wolfenstracht) 1550 CREDITS 1000 x Militia (200) 500 x Spearmen (250) 100 x Longbowman (300) 400 x Pikemen (800) Baron von Priydan & Baron von Sandburg (Blackhaven - The Capital City) 8300 CREDITS 10000 x Milita (2000) 200 x Spearmen (100) 1000 x Pikemen (2000) 500 x Longbowman (1500) 1000 x Men at Arms (1500) 50 x Knights (750) 40 x Supply (400) 2 x Blacksmith (50) The army can never be reinforced further than this. A PROCLAMATION IS PUT FORTH: THE BARONS HAVE QUESTIONED THE DIVINE RIGHTS OF THE SOVEREIGN! HE WHO CAN SUCCESSFULLY DEFEAT THE BARONS WILL WIN 35,000 CREDITS. PLAYERS MAY WORK TOGETHER ON THIS AND SHARE THE SPOILS OF WAR HOW THEY DEEM FIT. TO INVADE BY SEA YOU MUST HAVE THE CORRECT EQUIPMENT. TO INVADE BY LAND YOU MUST SHARE A BORDER - OR IN TIME OF ALLIANCE ONLY ONE PLAYER MAY CONNECT AND USE THAT AS A BRIDGING POINT FOR ALL ALLIED FORCES.
  11. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion The French Warlordship of Slavland

    The people are outraged and shocked. Baron Borimov was by no means well loved, but he was not some bloody foreigner. The people will never forget this...it is wise that the Warlords do not either. The Warlords gain two small states with a basic production of iron and taxable citizens.
  12. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion The French Warlordship of Slavland

    The Warlords march towards the sea, itching for a fight that seems forever illusive. The new state is thriving with industry, great plumes of smoke scatter the horizon as blacksmiths work at their forges and the smelters are at overload. The iron mining in the region is owned by Baron Alexander Borimirov, a proud man, distrustful of foreigners and even more so Warlords - however he understands the ways of the world. "We welcome the great Warlords from across the hills and plains. My name is Baron Alexander Borimov, the head of all iron mining production in this region. Your reputation precedes you, great warlords, and we wish you no ill will here. We may hold different beliefs, but we can work together. I own this land and the adjacent state (G8) Aand have grown very wealthy from it. We have the greatest smith's in Eastern Europe, and the iron here...the quality is beyond compare. We wish for things to remain this way. Allow me to retain control of these regions and we will be a vassal state, of course. We will sell you the iron, at a great price. I hope that you will work alongside me?" The Warlords have two choices: 1. Accept the offer. The two states will become vassals of the Warlordship and receive the resource benefit of the region, but not be able to charge taxes in either region. 2. Reject the offer. Baron Borimov is either imprisoned or executed. The Warlordship gains the states as vassals and gets both the resource and tax bonuses, however will prove unpopular and risks the chance of rebellion.
  13. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Caledonian Empire

    Emperor Cenna need not worry about gold, for here be there diamonds! The locals here are well skilled in their extraction with small mining communities throughout the region. The Caledonian Empire has gained a small but invaluable source of diamonds and a basic amount of taxable citizens. Military credit is raised by 25 points.
  14. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion The French Warlordship of Slavland

    There is wood, and lots of it! A great supply of lumber to help rebuild the citadel for sure. The French-Slavs have gained a medium sized state producing a good amount of lumber.
  15. Priydan

    Conquest & Expansion Spheniscan Republic

    "Milord, they be here! We have them now damn their hides' cries an infantryman returning from a scouting party. "Ha, we have them now. We shall hang their corpses from the trees, such a feast for the crows!" exclaims the Spheniscan General. "Milord, Milord!" interrupts another scout from a different ranging party, blood on his brow and a nasty gash to his forearm. "To the East...barbarians...thousands of 'em!" "Speak to me man, how many truly be there?" "At last count, milord, 2000 common foot (militia), 500 Spears and 500 light horse...that's wot we counted afore they found us." Damn it all, thinks the Spheniscan commander, villains on both flanks! To flee or to fight?