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  1. Mine is an '01 Accord with 270,000 on it. Only gets 25-26 mpg sadly.
  2. And it burns a lot of fuel (petrol for our European friends). Maybe 12 miles/gallon? Which I think roughly translates to about 830 cm/litre. Roughly...
  3. I technically share two cars. But that's not an option so I picked the first one.
  4. I was never younger. Always been old.
  5. I missed this one because there were too many poll threads... I have a paid Pandora account and have been for a long time. Decade maybe? I'm debating upgrading to a family Pandora plan or jumping over to Spotify. I can get on-demand music then but also can get my wife onto a paid account so we don't have to listen to ads when she's playing music... Any advice??
  6. I lurk on Facebook. I mostly ignore Twitter. I have a few folks I communicate with on WhatsApp. I have an inactive Instagram account. I have a YouTube account by extension of having a Gmail account mostly. I have a LinkedIn account that I use for mostly professional things. I have a Google+ account by extension of having a Gmail account. RIP G+. I don't have Pinterest, Tumblr, or Quora, or Snapchat for that matter.
  7. Wanted to vote for all of them because I could. Was lazy. Only voted for the first one. Happened to be my primary mode of transport.
  8. US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
  9. I voted for all of them because I could. Does that make me a role player?
  10. I'm afraid to click the link. Can someone click it and let me know what I'm missing...
  11. inb4 Red admits that's him in the picture...
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