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  1. TheCreepyLurker


  2. TheCreepyLurker

    10/10/18 - RP

    I voted for all of them because I could. Does that make me a role player?
  3. TheCreepyLurker

    Newspaper Picture Competition

  4. TheCreepyLurker

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    I'm afraid to click the link. Can someone click it and let me know what I'm missing...
  5. TheCreepyLurker

    Newspaper Picture Competition

    inb4 Red admits that's him in the picture...
  6. TheCreepyLurker

    09/10/18 - How often do you check the forums?

    Forum Fighters should vote the Micchan option as a sign of solidarity with our fearless leader.
  7. TheCreepyLurker

    06/10/18 - Whats your job?

    I see construction and engineering as very different fields. Architecture and engineering maybe. Engineering would be closer to science/technology imo, so I almost chose one of those...
  8. TheCreepyLurker

    06/10/18 - Whats your job?

  9. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day(4/6/18)

  10. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (26/05/18)

    Android is the largest OS platform in the world, it'll probably win. It is more democratizing than iOS. Despite it's fragmentation issues, it isn't a walled garden like Apple products. For these reasons, I prefer Android. EDIT: Also, wtf are you doing with a Windows phone @Walling?
  11. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (23/05/18)

    Just another couple getting married. Congrats to them. Make the media coverage stop.
  12. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (18/05/18)

  13. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (17/05/18)

    Chose Forum because... FF... and I'm afraid of Micchan Otherwise would have chosen IRC.
  14. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (9/5/18)

    Which option is the equivalent of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  15. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (4/5/18)

    I'm a fan of many sports. Some I enjoy playing, others I enjoy watching.