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    Poll of the Day(4/6/18)

  2. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day (26/05/18)

    Android is the largest OS platform in the world, it'll probably win. It is more democratizing than iOS. Despite it's fragmentation issues, it isn't a walled garden like Apple products. For these reasons, I prefer Android. EDIT: Also, wtf are you doing with a Windows phone @Walling?
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    Poll of the Day

    I almost chose all of them because I could. Just picked Physics.
  4. TheCreepyLurker

    Poll of the Day

    I usually have some fruit. Grab an apple or banana or both in the way out the door to work.
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    Arisen from the Ash

    Welcome to TKR!
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    These are legitimately my wallpapers.
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    Golden Gate Park. San Francisco, California, USA.
  8. TheCreepyLurker


    Trail near Sunwapta Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
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    TKR Leaderboard

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    Pyramid Mountain over Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. Sunrise.
  11. TheCreepyLurker


    Taken at a Pavilion overlooking the city of Pangyo just south of Seoul, South Korea. For those photo nerds out there, this is actually a composite image of 42 individual images. The panoramic field of view is made up of 14 images, each of which was made of 3 separate bracketed images to increase the available dynamic range. Image resolution is 83 megapixels.
  12. TheCreepyLurker


    Taken at Judge Magney State Park, near Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA.
  13. TheCreepyLurker


    It's been considered. If there are other photography minded people, I'd considered setting up something for people to ask questions. I'm no pro, but I do know a few things and enjoy teaching. Taken at Judge Magney State Park, near Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA.
  14. TheCreepyLurker


    Athabasca Falls. Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
  15. TheCreepyLurker

    Would Ye

    I prefer to live in the now. To know when or how I would die would take that away from me. Afraid to do the thing that leads to my death (hiking on a cliff, using a knife, walking the street, driving a car, etc...) or, dreading the date that comes.