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Found 10 results

  1. Citizen

    Arisen from the Ash

    Hey fellow Knights, I am super stoked to have been accepted into this awesome alliance. I plan to be active as possible and to grow big and strong. In the meantime I want to get some raiding under my belt so if I have to fight I don't struggle unnecessarily. I used to be a Minister of War within a micro of ~90 people on CyberNations back in 2010ish. I remember organizing quads and joining fights against groups larger than us. The first war we fought as an alliance, we won, and I'll never forget the excitement and pride I felt for my comrades. This game seems a lot cooler than that too, FWIW. You can call me Cit/citi, etc. I am 23 and I'm currently switching from the construction industry after learning web/mobile programming. I am far from an expert but I enjoy learning new things and working on projects. I have not read the Stormlight Archives but a lot of my friends have recommended Sanderson to me many times, so I guess I have to cave now. Other than those, I've heard great things about Jim Butcher's Dresden files and I am currently reading Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven which I have fallen in love with. It's about a fantastical Tang Dynasty stylized environment about a benevolent young man who goes to a remote area where a terrible battle occurred. He spends his days burying the bones there with reverence. For doing this, he is gifted 50 sardian horses from the Princess. Just one sardian horse can change a man's life, four or five propels him above his fellows and makes him the envy of others and target to some. 50, though? It's as if the Princess doesn't know what she's doing, or, rather, has ulterior motives. It's a super good book with fantasy fighting and lots of political intrigue. Thanks for reading my intro and if you're interested in chatting, let me know! I am always interested in good book recc's.
  2. Hermisaur

    Hey! weirdo here!

    Well, i am just any other normal guy. a kid who loves gaming. i was on my way to quit gaming when i came across this game called politics and war. i thought, well we'll just try this one out and keep it the last. and then... I met you guyz! wow I shall never quit gaming ever! like in every alliance or clan is almost every game I’ve played, they are always focused in becoming the best in the game. but here, its different. I don’t think the atmosphere he can be explained with words. but anyway, we are the best
  3. Tenabre

    New to the game

    Hi my name is Tenabre (not really) and this is my first alliance. I picked it because I'm a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson and all his books.
  4. Rbca

    Greetings from OST!

    Hey TKR! My name is Rbca and I'm the FA guy for Orbis State Troopers! Thanks so much for agreeing to protecting us! We know that we'll be successful under your guidance! In other words, I love memes and discussions that are medically related (premed student, not a total weirdo). If you like talking about music let me know! Currently training for a half marathon so if you wanna talk about exercising hmu I also like editing, so much so that I got myself certified in Adobe Premiere! So maybe we can have a discussion about videography/photography? Hope to talk to you guys soon!
  5. PSC


    Hello! I am a new player of P&W, and nation building games in general. I am currently residing in the continental United States. (should've done this 6 months ago)
  6. Simon Susarte


    Hello, very new player of politics and war here. Plaining on joining Knights Radiant as well. anways, there isn't much about me, I'm on steam and I play total war games if that's reverent. oh and I'm Australia.
  7. Peter Demjanovic

    Hi, this is Peter

    Hi, my name is Peter and I'm new to this alliance aswell as this game.
  8. Ubermenschi

    I'm Braydon (INGAME: Ubermenschi)

    Hi, I'm Braydon, and I started playing PnW on November 20th. I'm fairly new to the game, but I enjoy it quite a lot. It's not like most modern nation games. Anyways I live in the United States in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I'm fond of Paradox games like CK2, EU4 and the M&B series (Never got into the Hearts of Iron or Victoria line). I never read any of these fantasy novels you guys are about, but since there's a following, I am thinking of ordering the series. Anyways thanks for letting me into this group and I hope we all have fun!
  9. AriffRoman

    New Members Introduction

    Hi, i am Ariff and my nation name is Andalusia Roma. I just started to join this group and i am glad to see many activities and new members in the group. i live in Malaysia, a lovely tropical country and i have many favourites such as in modern painting, Gothic architecture, French culture (in fact, i am learning French),Hollywood movies and pop musics. That's all for now and nice to be here and know all of you
  10. emperorpenguin

    An introduction to Sphenisca

    Hello everyone. My name is Nikhil Patel, President of the Democratic Republic of Sphenisca. I run a democratic nation that will serve the Knight's Radiant gloriously and honestly. We will need help but we assure you that we are worth it. Thank you.