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Found 1 result

  1. "Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation" Background: The Grand Ottoman Empire was borne from the Republic of Turkey, and looks to replicate it's historical importance. Turkey was officially run by the head of state, President Erdogan, and head of the government Prime Minister Yildrim. However, Erdogan staged a coup and is now both the head of state and head of the government. Former Prime Minister Yildrim is held captive in the national state prison in the capital of Ankara with several key supporters. Protests have been staged around the country against Erdogan, however he is fully supported by the Military & the judiciary system, of which he has controlled. Resultingly, Ottoman citizens find their social freedoms reduced, as social media is banned. Nationalism is on the rise, and Erdogan seeks to move the country away from Europe. State of the Nation: The education system is distinctly average and lags behind many developed nations. It is not seen as a priority in changing this. The nation is largely Muslim, and whilst the state is still technically regarded as Secular, is moves ever closer to adopting Islam as the basis of laws & regulation. The nation looks toward building Nuclear power stations by 2023, however the rise of nationalism has disturbed Western powers, who now see that the new Empire is moving away from them. Healthcare is basic. Again, it is not seen as a priority. The government is concerned by the lack of roads & railways and sees this as a key area of improvement. Science and development are reasonable, and are considered important. Turkey is looking into creating a viable Space Programme. The Empire has a generally large and well trained army, often ranking in the top 20 in the world for each category. President Erdogan is the nominal Commander in Chief. Head of the Army: Pasha Yalcin Head of the Navy: Selcuk Sahin Head of the Airforce: Pasha Telemek POPULATION 79,414,269 MANPOWER 41,640,000 FIT FOR SERVICE 35,010,000 REACHING MILITARY AGE ANUALLY 1,250,000 ACTIVE FRONTLINE PERSONNEL 410,500 ACTIVE RESERVE PERSONNEL 185,630 TANKS 3778 AFVs 7550 SPGs 1013 MLRs 811 TOWED ARTILLERY 697 AIRCRAFT 1007 FIGHTERS 207 F-W-ATTACK AIRCRAFT 207 AIR TRANSPORT 439 TRAINER AIRCRAFT 276 HELICOPTERS 445 ATTACK HELICOPTERS 64 NAVY 194 AIRCRAFT CARRIERS 0 FRIGATES 16 DESTROYERS 0 CORVETTES 8 SUBMARINES 13 C-D-CRAFT 29 MINE WARFARE 15 OIL PRODUCTION 47,670BBL OIL USAGE 720,000BBL OIL RESERVES 296,000,000BBL LABOR FORCE 28,790,000 MERCHANT MARINE STRENGTH 629 MAJOR PORTS 9 ROADWAY COVERAGE 352,046 RAILWAY COVERAGE 8699 AIRPORTS 98 DEFENSE BUDGET 18,185,000,000 EXTERNAL DEBT 402,400,000,000 RESERVES EX & GOLD 118,300,000,000 PURCHASING POWER PARITY 1,515,000,000,000 GDP 751,000,000,000 Government and Politics: Key Current Government- President: Tayyip Erdogan Minister of War: Mehmet Turkyilmaz Minister of the Interior: Emre Kaya Minister of Foreign Affairs: Selcuk Bohan - SACKED - Ambassador to Cyprus Mesut Sahin The Ottoman Empire, like Turkey before it is divided into 7 regions, which are now governed by a Governor-General. These are powerful individuals with military backgrounds, hand-picked by the President himself. They are still subject to the Government, however they also influence local policy. Regional Governor General MARMARA REGION Erkin Ozgur EGE REGION Harun Akarsu MEDITERRANEAN REGION Necip Elmas SOUTH ANATOLIA Haluk Isler EAST ANATOLIA Mevluk Gulen INNER ANATOLIA Idi Turkyilmaz BLACK SEA REGION Rasim Koray Current Aims: OIL - despite being in the Middle East, The Ottoman Empire is not one of the regions chief oil producers. It is considering military expansion towards a weakened Iraq, or a bolder stroke towards Egypt.although worries about foreign intervention and international condemnation. The geographical location of Turkey would make an oil deal with Russia ideal, and it looks towards The Great Bear fondly. NUCLEAR - With oil supplies not guaranteed, The Ottoman Empire looks toward Nuclear Power and already has 3 stations under construction. Currently Turkey does not seek to use Nuclear weaponary, however it is not adverse to the idea. CYPRUS - The Ottoman Empire looks towards Northern Cyprus with worry. It sees Cyprus as part of its birthright. They will not allow the EF to annex the Island. MILITARY - Conscription is compulsory for males between 20-41 for 3 years so has a large general reserve. However, with the defence of Cyprus one of Erdogans chief goals, The Ottoman Empire must be prepared for war if all else fails and reservists may be called upon. Mine defences are under construction in the south, facing Nicosia, and 2 further mine defenses placed in the west facing the Greek Islands . 2 Frigates have been commissioned , and the airforce is being reviewed. The defense budget expenditure will be reviewed in due course.