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Game rules: 

#1 Creating Multiple Nations

#2 Multiple Nations on the Same Network - Restrictions Violations

#3 Fairness in Trading and Banking

#4 War Slot Filling

#5 Espionage Slot Filling

#6 Bounty Coordination

#7 Treasure Transfer Coordination

#8 Automated Trading

#9 Automated Banking

#10 Other Game Automation

#11 Account Selling

#12 Real-World Transactions for In-Game Materials

#13 Custom Content on Nation and Alliance Pages

#14 Screenshot Abuse

#15 Coerced City Deletion

#16 Protecting Alliance Banks with Vacation Mode or a New Nation

#17 Exploit Abuse

Nation Link: 


Previus aliances and reasons of living:

I have been in Castle camelot, I lived the aliance becouse my freind made a new aliance.

I have been at New Order or Orbis aliance, I lived the aliance becouse it was started to colapse.

Politics and War exp:

That is my first nation that I am playing for. I have never plyed politics and war at ather years that that one.

Do I owe Somthing to somone in politics and war: 

No, I am not owe to any nation on Politics and war.

Are you interviewing on Discord:

No, I am not interviewing on Discord

Discord Handle:


Recruted By:

I am not Recruted from anyone.


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