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  • In-game Ruler: Lando
  • Nation Link: Chimer (politicsandwar.com)
  • Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving (put N/A if you're new to the game): None
  • Have you played Politics & War on a previous nation before? Yes I played a few years back
  • Do you owe anything (money, resources, etc.) to anybody in the game? No
  • Are you interviewing on Discord? (Y/N): Yes
  • Discord Handle: Muggybat#3559
  • Recruited by: Advertisement
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You've been accepted into The Knights Radiant academy.
Please read the guides and take the entrance exam in Steps 1-3. The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 30 minutes tops. You will find the exam in the end of each step.
All information needed is provided in this subforum: 
You will have 72 hours to complete the exams.


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