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The Story of the my PnW life, as told by puppies.

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Heya Guys, I'm Rook, formerly known as Rook. I'm 17, live near Luton in the UK and am currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Economics. I hope to study Economics at Uni, I'm a keen martial artist, and I play proper football (that involves your foot and a ball).


My PnW story:



I joined up to Rose 4 days before the outbreak of NPO's first time, was given a few million so I could build troops and then did some ankle biting, with relative success. I learned the importance of coordination and stuff then. 




I then spent some time growing and learning the game, and grew from 2 cities at the end of NPO's first time to 10 cities at the beginning of The Silent War. Following a war performance best decribed by the this: 



I chose to head out and explore then world, leading me to head to Roz Wei.




While i enjoyed my time at Roz Wei, I really didn't feel connected to the community, and those who I had bonded with left, or weren't really active enough to have a proper conversation with ever, so once again i chose to leave, and carefully considered where I thought would be the best home for me to reside in.






Not being able to find one I ended up here, i hope you all don't mind ;)xD 

I'm joking of course, and this is me know:



I'm even reading the Good Book:



Shit post over, an hour well spent.


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4 hours ago, Bezzers said:

A levels huh? First or second year? I wish you the best of luck, I know as well as anyone else how tough they can get. Still, glad you have settled down. Even if it isnt in my alliance ;P

I'm in my first year, finding it good to be able to focus on the subjects I enjoy/ excel in :D


6 hours ago, Floating Hippo said:

Shoulda joined Skybreakers. 


Please refer to my Sig.


To others thanks for the welcomes and I'm looking forward to working with you all xD

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