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It's that time of the year again!

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Temperature is dropping, water is freezing and if you're lucky enough, you might already be seeing snow! (Unless like me, you live in a tropical place where it's hot, burning sun all year round ¬¬). That's right, it's Christmas!


"Wtf Bear, it's bloody November, Christmas is one month away"

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in my 10 minute of Google extensive reasearch on holiday festivity, I found out that people, namely shopping outlets, actually start Christmas right after Halloween! Them madman! So technically, I'm actually 1 month late :P





To celebrate this joyous occasion, I will be giving out free Christmas hats so everyone can celebrate the spirit of Christmas too!

It's quite simple, send me your forum/Slack profile pics and I'll edit in a nice little Christmas hat for you


Slightly Important Notes

  • Quality not guaranteed! My experiance with image editing is a grand total of about 45 minutes on Gimp ^_^ If you think you can do a better job than me then by all mean, Join in! Help spread the festivity!
  • I might not be able to edit in a Christmas hat if your profile image well... doesn't have a head or anything head-like so keep that in mind when sending in pics for editing
  • Also, it would be immensely helpful if the picture have lots of free space above the "head" so i can fit in the hat without having it go off frame
  • The TKR forum have an image size limit for profile pic so that too might affect quality of the edited pic
  • and lastly, Merry Christmas!
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One Christmas hat to cover that bald head from the winter cold!



btw, gimme a shoutout if the image size exceed the forum limit

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I already have one UOW532d.gif


9 minutes ago, Tormato said:

Bitch you know mine.

Pls help.

Need hat.

Pick Kyouko from Yuru Yuri as new avatar, she thinks she's a tomato.



And she has christmas pics, a lot of christmas pics




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@Kosonome Christmas hats for all the good little Cloudminions back home!

koso hat png.png


Sorry if the hat went off frame a bit, it's kinda difficult to add in Christmas hat when there's not a lot of free space above the head

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"oh, someone posted, let see what pic they wanted edited-... ಠ_ಠ"

For some reason, Gimp makes every single hat i edited in become black and white so i guess you get the s0per d00per special black and white hat

empengu edit hat.png

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52 minutes ago, emperorpenguin said:

@Bear have fun figuring out mine


although if you find a penguin that fits the image reqs and edit Christmas hat onto it I will pay you 1 mil



18 minutes ago, Bear said:

was debating wheter or not to post this as the beard looks kinda ehhh but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, could always fix it up later

Better without beard because he looks so serious like "I really hate christmas, why the fuck you have to put this hat on my head!"

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