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20/10/18 - How many wars are you in right now?

How many wars are you in?  

24 members have voted

  1. 1. How many wars are you currently in?

    • 0 (o7 help us!!)
    • 1 (just chilling in beige)
    • 2 (living life)
    • 3 (triple defense!)
    • 4 (lets attack)
    • 5 (a good amount I guess)
    • 6 (overextend? nah)
    • 7 (do u even have troops left)
    • 8 (if u click this box milcom will probably kill you)

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14 hours ago, Hariff said:

small victories - i heard you were zero'd in like 12 hours so thats pretty good going!

I wonder if they understand that now I can rebuy units and if they want to destroy them they have to beige me and give me days to rebuild


And another I attacked has a treasure and I can beige him with 2 nukes, so if he wins I have beige time, if he loses I get the treasure and if they want it back they have to beige me

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