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Do you like magic? I like magic

I even know some magic tricks and created one that I performed to friends and relatives, nothing crazy just some comedy and after misdirection a couple of big reveals


So to make you understand how cool magic is I will post videos in this thread starting with this one



It's Eric Chien a young magician from Taiwan during his exibition at the FISM of this year (the world championship of magic held every 3 years), he won his category and then the grand prize between all the category winners so he's the world champ of magic


Since some people seem to not understand what he's doing in the first part with the cards I tell you to check the back color of the cards, after you get that you should be able to understand the story


Read this after watching the video



There's video editing for some frame when the rectangles appear at the beginning and then when they disappear at the end, he did it because he's selling these tricks to other magicians so he can't let them understand the trick by watching the video at high definition frame by frame, at normal speed you shouldn't notice the blurry part

There are no camera tricks or mirrors, he's doing it in front of the judges, just ability and good ideas



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