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Applicant withdrew application in interview. Case closed.





RienneToday at 6:58 AM

@Kittinize Republic let's continue talking here


Kittinize RepublicToday at 6:58 AM



RienneToday at 6:58 AM


The Communist Federation of the Kittinize Republic

The Communist Federation of the Kittinize Republic is a 305 days old orange nation with 10 cities and 1,400.49 Nation Score. Located in Africa they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.


Rienne pinned a message to this channel. See all the pins.Today at 6:58 AM


RienneToday at 6:58 AM

Have you applied on our forums?


Kittinize RepublicToday at 6:58 AM

Ive applied in game, I dont really use forums


RienneToday at 6:59 AM

Okay. We do require at least the basic template to be posted there but give the option of a discord interview after. All our alliance announcements/guides/etc are on our forums, so they are pretty important


Kittinize RepublicToday at 7:00 AM



RienneToday at 7:00 AM


The Knights Radiant P&W

The Knights Radiant P&W

[7:00 AM]

Applications are in welcome station


Kittinize RepublicToday at 7:07 AM

I have applied


RienneToday at 7:10 AM

Okay, great. Thanks for doing that.

[7:10 AM]

Who do you owe the loan to?


alysterToday at 9:47 AM

Hey Kittinize

What do you mean by the statement that the system was unjust in previous alliances?(edited)


alysterToday at 10:27 AM

Since you are away I will just type out the next questions as well.

A) The loan topic. You said you have problems paying back the loan. 32m left. Yesterday you sent out 17m in trades. Why? What is exactly the nature of the problem you have? TKR will not be paying your own loan, but we can provide our members with peaceful and calm atmosphere with 20/20 taxes where members can pay off their loans.


B) Other stuff. What time zone are you from? Why did you pick TKR?(edited)


Kittinize RepublicToday at 2:51 PM

Hello alyster

To answer your first question, the 17m was paying the first of three bills to pay back the loan, and it was too the bank of almighty, second I left my alliance because when I tried to bring transparency they shamed me for it, and the leader decided to exile someone for virtually no reason. Third my time zone is Chicago time. Fourh, I chose here because I was talking with some other people on alliance I could join for a bit and they mentioned you guys.


alysterToday at 3:15 PM

OK But still about the loan. You said you were having problems with it. What's the problem?

Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:16 PM

I was declared on and blockaded

So I can't pay it back


alysterToday at 3:17 PM

Ok. That I can understand.

TKR will not protect you from wars you got involved before moving onto our alliance affiliation.

But when these 3 wars are done rest is treated with counters .


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:19 PM

But you know what don't accept me


alysterToday at 3:19 PM

I assume you could work out a deal with your bank about the remaining payback?


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:19 PM

I already have

And I think it would be a waste on your part to actually accept me, because I wouldn't stay for the longest time, because Id like to make my own micro alliance


alysterToday at 3:21 PM

So you only applied here to get help with raids ?


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:21 PM


No one is gonna help with that bc it's before I joined

I guess I just changed my mind and don't want to waste your time


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:22 PM


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:22 PM

Which I guess in this case I already have XD


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:22 PM

Making a micro


alysterToday at 3:22 PM

I'm confused. What made you change your mind?


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:22 PM

A mistake many have made


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:23 PM

I decided that since I wouldn't be staying for to long anyway, it would be a waste or your guy's time


alysterToday at 3:23 PM



Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:23 PM

Apply to TI


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:24 PM



alysterToday at 3:24 PM

We have a small protectorate. Cool guys over there


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:24 PM



alysterToday at 3:24 PM


The Imperium (TIm) | Politics & War

The Imperium is an alliance in the online game Politics and War


Kittinize RepublicToday at 3:24 PM

Welp I thank you for your time. 07


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:25 PM

For a moment there I thought u were going to say Chocolate Castle aly


alysterToday at 3:25 PM

No, those are weeabooz.


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:25 PM

Imperium is huge compared to CC


alysterToday at 3:26 PM

They have grown well indeed.


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 3:26 PM

Vader baby


BenfroToday at 4:02 PM

FYI - by transparency for government, he literally is referring to leaking sensitive information that he was aware of to get back at government members.


Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 4:03 PM

can u translate what u just said ben



BenfroToday at 4:03 PM

AgentCrewToday at 7:50 AM Greetings, I wish to talk to you about one of your applicants

BenfroToday at 8:09 AM Ok. Which one

AgentCrewToday at 8:09 AM This one: https://politicsandwar.com//nation/id=170371

BenfroToday at 8:12 AM What do we need to know? Other than he is a shit fighter?

AgentCrewToday at 8:13 AM He gave government information to a suspended member and tried to steal money

BenfroToday at 8:13 AM that should be all we need to know then. Thank ya I appreciate the heads up.

AgentCrewToday at 8:14 AM No problem



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