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Greenseingheit Application

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In-Game Ruler- Hans Flammenwerfer 

Nation Link- https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=212598

Previous Alliance and Why I left: The $yndicate/The Enterprise; Left due to not knowing how to delete a city and forgetting to ask how and was kicked

Do I Owe Anyone Money: No

Who Was I Recruited By: N/A

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SnekToday at 2:44 AM

@Oathkeeper https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=212598


Greenseingheit is a 20 days old brown nation with 5 cities and 577.07 Nation Score. Located in Europe they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

SnekToday at 3:51 AM

Is anyone there

RienneToday at 3:53 AM

Hi Snek, how are you?

SnekToday at 4:02 AM


RienneToday at 4:04 AM

Have you made a post on the forums yet?

SnekToday at 4:04 AM


[4:04 AM]

I can in 5-10 minutes

RienneToday at 4:04 AM

Okay, great :)

[4:05 AM]

We can do the interview here, but still have to have you sign up there for record purposes mostly

SnekToday at 4:05 AM

Oh ive signed up just no posts yet

RienneToday at 4:05 AM

Okay, I got you

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:10 AM

Hi, I'm Kyub and I'll be helping you with your application today :D

[4:12 AM]


SnekToday at 4:12 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:14 AM

hai, so how are you doing?

SnekToday at 4:15 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:15 AM

that's good to hear

[4:16 AM]

first, I'm gonna say that we do most of our internal communication on slack generally. is that ok with you?

SnekToday at 4:16 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:16 AM

sweet. Is this your first time playing politics and war?

SnekToday at 4:17 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:17 AM

great, I always love to see new faces

[4:17 AM]

I know your nation is new but do you happen to owe money or resources to anyone in game?

SnekToday at 4:17 AM


[4:18 AM]


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:18 AM

to who do you owe that money?

SnekToday at 4:18 AM

No one

[4:18 AM]


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:18 AM

oh, as in you have 14 mil

[4:18 AM]

oh I see

SnekToday at 4:18 AM

I thought u ment my total

[4:18 AM]


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:18 AM

ah no problem

[4:19 AM]

so what made you choose TKR?

SnekToday at 4:21 AM

I was previously in an alliance but was kicked due to not deleting a city and they telling me I should’ve got rid of the city but i didnt resulting in me getting kicked and i looked for a new alliance and i chose this one(edited)

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:21 AM

what alliance were you kicked from?

SnekToday at 4:22 AM

The $yndicate/The Enterprise

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:22 AM

ah, I see

[4:22 AM]

if tkr advised you to delete a city in order to get better raid targets would you comply?

SnekToday at 4:22 AM


[4:23 AM]

The reason i didnt is i didnt know how

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:23 AM

oh, well if internal affairs advises you to delete a city then I'm sure they would help you figure out how to

SnekToday at 4:23 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:24 AM

we have an academy for newer players to help them learn how to build up their nations efficiently. Would you be willing to partake in that program?

SnekToday at 4:24 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:25 AM


[4:25 AM]

have you posted your application on the forums?

SnekToday at 4:25 AM

I think

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:26 AM

sweet, we'll get right on that.

[4:26 AM]

this is the end of your discord interview. thanks for applying and we will get to you in a timely manner

SnekToday at 4:26 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:26 AM

it is however time for me to go to sleep so I bid you farewell

SnekToday at 4:26 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:28 AM

oh, what is your name on the forums

[4:28 AM]

gotta get the right application thread

SnekToday at 4:28 AM

Hans Flammenwerfer

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:29 AM

hmmmm, are you sure that you posted an application thread, I can't seem to find it

SnekToday at 4:29 AM

I dont think so

[4:29 AM]

How do i

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:30 AM


[4:32 AM]

post a thread there with the format: in-game ruler name: <insert name here> link to nation: <insert nation link here> previous alliances and reason for leaving: N/A do you owe any money to anyone in game: Y/N recruited by: <person you were recruited by>

SnekToday at 4:32 AM


[4:36 AM]

do i put u as who i was recruited by

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:37 AM

no, the person who recruited you. if no one recruited you then you can just put N/A

SnekToday at 4:37 AM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 4:38 AM

Ok I'm going to bed now. @alyster can help you with the next part.

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You've been accepted into The Knights Radiant academy.
Please read the guides and take the entrance exam in Steps 1-3. The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 10-15 minutes tops. You will find the exam in the end of each step.
All information needed is provided in this subforum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/21-the-academy
You will have 72 hours to complete the exams.


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