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alysterToday at 10:27 AM

Hey @Danial

DanialToday at 10:27 AM


alysterToday at 10:27 AM

Allend's friend right?

DanialToday at 10:28 AM

Why i cant see my chst

[10:28 AM]


alysterToday at 10:28 AM


[10:28 AM]

Can you give me your nation link

DanialToday at 10:28 AM

Sure just a sec

alysterToday at 10:31 AM

In here. Danial not DMs These logs will be saved

[10:31 AM]


Islamic republic Republic Of Skyport

Islamic republic Republic Of Skyport is a 237 days old olive nation with 12 cities and 2,102.12 Nation Score. Located in Africa they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

[10:31 AM]

Alright. Which have been your previous alliances?

[10:32 AM]


DanialToday at 10:32 AM


[10:32 AM]


[10:33 AM]

I have been associated with TWR which later becomed SR

alysterToday at 10:34 AM

Do you owe anyone any money?

DanialToday at 10:36 AM


alysterToday at 10:36 AM

In game, like a loan or a grant or something.

DanialToday at 10:37 AM

Hey whats happening my message history vanish?

[10:37 AM]

No i dot owe to anyone i always build myself i finance my cities and every other expense

alysterToday at 10:38 AM

Maybe it has something to do with me not doing permissions right, I added you manually

[10:38 AM]

What made you pick TKR?

DanialToday at 10:39 AM

Well TKR is a big alliance having 150+ members low taxes govt positions opportunities and i hope TKR will finance me for big projects and score building last but not the least my friend's recommandation

[10:40 AM]

These reasons made me pick TKR

alysterToday at 10:40 AM

TKR uses Slack internally. It is Discord like chatting tool. Are you okay with it?(edited)

[10:40 AM]


DanialToday at 10:41 AM

Yeah no issues

alysterToday at 10:41 AM

Anything against compulsory war chesst and min military requirements?

DanialToday at 10:41 AM

Sorry i didnt get you?

alysterToday at 10:42 AM

We require each nation to have certain minimum amount of military + resources in case a fighting brakes out.

DanialToday at 10:43 AM

Yeah okay but i am a pacifist and hate wars as it destroys nations and allainces

alysterToday at 10:43 AM

If military command would ask you to hit someone in defense of another TKR nation would you do it?

DanialToday at 10:45 AM

I will but first i would know the reason of hitting if someone hit my teammate without any reason i will but if my teammate attacked first without any reason like raid then i won't

alysterToday at 10:46 AM

We do not help failed raids.

DanialToday at 10:46 AM

Because i can't attacke nations who didnt do amything wrong

alysterToday at 10:47 AM

But if all of TKR would go on an agressive war? Would you not part take if you do not agree with the reason given?

DanialToday at 10:48 AM

If reason is understandable and just i will be the first one to go but if we are going to attack any nation who didn't do anything wrong then i won't sorry for that

alysterToday at 10:49 AM

Okay. I suggest you would look at Dark Brotherhood or Horsemen for an alliance in this case

[10:50 AM]

TKR requires people do attack other nations when required. That is not up to a debate.

[10:51 AM]

We will not screw over random nations by such orders. But alliance warfare is a thing.

DanialToday at 10:51 AM

Tell me do TKR attack nations who are innocent ?

alysterToday at 10:51 AM


DanialToday at 10:51 AM

Or who do not attack TKR

alysterToday at 10:51 AM

We do raid

DanialToday at 10:51 AM

Yeah raid is a bad thing in my opinion

[10:52 AM]

Well no problem thank you so much no worries

alysterToday at 10:52 AM

Take care I wish you best of luck!


DanialToday at 10:52 AM

Same to you man


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