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Mow of Portland


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Nation Name: Portland
Leader Name: CasualMow
Nation ID:  221908





The StormfatherBOTToday at 9:52 PM


Welcome @Mow Thank you for applying! Before we begin, please also make sure you have applied to TKR in-game and posted an application on our forums (https://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/). Ping @Oathkeeper and link your nation when you are ready for your interview to begin. We ask as well that you please be patient when waiting for a response from our Oathkeeping staff. use the following command to close the ticket ;ticket close reason for closing here use the following command to add users to the ticket ;ticket adduser @user

alysterToday at 9:53 PM


MowToday at 9:53 PM


alysterToday at 9:53 PM

Are you looking to apply to TKR?

MowToday at 9:53 PM


alysterToday at 9:53 PM


MowToday at 9:54 PM

Siwa or adventures?

alysterToday at 9:55 PM

lol a lad I was talking to in game is named JoJo, thought he made it here

[9:55 PM]

Can I have your nation link?

MowToday at 9:55 PM


The Great State of Oregon Portland

The Great State of Oregon Portland is a 28 days old gray nation with 4 cities and 388.97 Nation Score. Located in North America they are a(n) of the None alliance.

alysterToday at 9:56 PM

Ok. Cool.

MowToday at 9:57 PM

As you can also see I am under attacko

alysterToday at 9:58 PM

I'll introduce what's going on. We'll have a short interview, see about your PnW background and introduce TKR requirements. In the end of it you should make a forum account (forum is mandatory in TKR and active) and post a short template on there. Followed by academy. Then full member access + personal mentor. Is that okay for you?

MowToday at 9:58 PM


alysterToday at 10:00 PM

Is this your first nation in PnW?

MowToday at 10:06 PM


[10:06 PM]

Although I am currently self sustainable

alysterToday at 10:06 PM

What happened in SK?

[10:06 PM]

You were removed?

MowToday at 10:06 PM


alysterToday at 10:06 PM


MowToday at 10:08 PM

I kept butting heads with my "mentor" who was just literally corrupt to the bone

alysterToday at 10:08 PM

Who was your mentor?

[10:08 PM]

(We know SK members quite well)

MowToday at 10:08 PM

Ima be real

[10:08 PM]

I forgot XD

[10:08 PM]

It was like a month ago

[10:09 PM]

He was nice

[10:09 PM]

But was making it way to complicated for me XD

alysterToday at 10:13 PM

Your nation is 28 days old. Must have been a lot of discussions with your mentor. When people who get removed apply I always ask the last alliance what happened. They basically said something similar. Thing is I am very well aware of SK's mentorship program as I have seen it from the inside. And I can ensure you, ours is on same level of "annoying". Thus I am afraid TKR and you would not make a good match. Moreover when you applied our second ally let us know you misbehaved in their voice chat. So all things considered we're going to have to turn down your application. That being said if you're looking to join someone who does not sit on your back as much on Discord and tells you to "git gud" you may want to join some more relaxed alliance. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7452 may be good pick. Ask for Changeup (username). @Mow

Children of the Light (CotL) | Politics & War

Children of the Light is an alliance in the online game Politics and War


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