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Alfonso X

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@alyster Here's the contents of our interview


Alfonso XToday at 8:32 PM

@Oathkeeper https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=235508

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:42 PM

you seem to share a unique ID with The Colony which is a member of The Immortals. are you aware of this?

Darth Bunny the Fluffy 🐰Today at 8:42 PM


Alfonso XToday at 8:43 PM

Yes my brother plays the game as well

[8:44 PM]

I thought it would be ok as long as we were not in the same alliance

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:44 PM

I would get verified ASAP

Alfonso XToday at 8:45 PM

How do i go about doing that?

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:45 PM

hmmm, checks

[8:45 PM]

go to account in the sidebar and then to verification

[8:46 PM]

I'll continue the interview as normal

[8:47 PM]

we require your user name to be the same as in-game on our forums and on slack. are you ok with this?

Alfonso XToday at 8:47 PM

Ok will look into that, is slack something like discord?

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:48 PM

it's a similar application. we do all of our government stuff and member chatting on slack. Are you alright with using slack?

Alfonso XToday at 8:48 PM


❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:48 PM


[8:49 PM]

for military preparedness, TKR requires that all members keep a warchest of resources used for war. Are you willing to do that?

Alfonso XToday at 8:49 PM

Yes, I am

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:49 PM


[8:50 PM]

Have you played any nation sims before like cybernations or pixelnations?

Alfonso XToday at 8:50 PM

I have played NationStates

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:50 PM

ah, cool

[8:50 PM]

how active do you intend to be?

Alfonso XToday at 8:51 PM

I should be active on a daily basis.

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:51 PM


[8:51 PM]

what timezone will you mostly be playing in?

Alfonso XToday at 8:51 PM

Central time US

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:52 PM


[8:52 PM]

what kind of nation do you intend to become, and what kind of help do you expect from TKR in this?

Alfonso XToday at 8:54 PM

I seek to be an economy oriented nation with a strong focus on manufacturing. I would mainly expect protection and grants with fair terms

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:55 PM


[8:55 PM]

In your opinion, what makes a good alliance and a good member?

Alfonso XToday at 8:56 PM

Communication and accountability

❤❤ Rubik's Kyutesmoth ❤❤Today at 8:56 PM

cool. And finally, what could you bring to TKR?

Alfonso XToday at 8:57 PM

My time and determination.


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