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Black Dragon

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Black DragonToday at 2:23 AM

@Oathkeeper https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=236163

The Kingdom of Dragonstone

The Kingdom of Dragonstone is a 0 days old beige nation with 1 cities and 10.25 Nation Score. Located in Europe they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

alysterToday at 2:24 AM

Hey @Black Dragon

Black DragonToday at 2:24 AM

Hi Alyster

alysterToday at 2:24 AM

Looking to apply I see

[2:25 AM]

Give me a sec

Black DragonToday at 2:25 AM

Yes I am, thank you.

alysterToday at 2:26 AM

I'll introduce you to what's going to happen.

Black DragonToday at 2:26 AM


alysterToday at 2:26 AM

First we'll have a short interview. Will be introducing TKR and asking bit about you. If that's all done I'm going to need you to log into the forums and post a application template there. I'll add the interview logs and stuff to that. After that there is TKR Academy on the forums. 3 topics: economy, war and TKR. Guides + tests. Once those are done (may take your time no hurry) you'll be TKR member and assigned a personal mentor.

[2:27 AM]

Good that you found your way to apply in game already.

Black DragonToday at 2:27 AM

Understood, yes I submitted the forum application.

alysterToday at 2:27 AM

Oh great!

[2:28 AM]

How did you find PnW?

Black DragonToday at 2:28 AM

I played it solo last year for a month or two.

[2:29 AM]

originally though I heard about it from the nationstates community(edited)

alysterToday at 2:30 AM

And what made you pick TKR?

Black DragonToday at 2:31 AM

Well when I saw the automated message that is sent when I started my nation it appeared to me that you were a serious alliance. and it drew my attention.

alysterToday at 2:32 AM

Okay. So you have NS in your background? Anything else similar?'

Black DragonToday at 2:33 AM

the closest to this, maybe crusader kings 2.

alysterToday at 2:33 AM

What was your username when you played last year?

Black DragonToday at 2:34 AM

to be honest with you I cant recall, I played it last summer, got tired of getting raided and deleted the account.

alysterToday at 2:35 AM

OK. I'm going to be honest with you. I will forget about half the previous discussion and ask once more. What was the name of your previous nation name and from which alliance was it? This is the last time I ask it.

Black DragonToday at 2:36 AM

i stated that I played solo, thats why I kept getting raided.

alysterToday at 2:37 AM

Yeah. Application denied. This is the second time this week I have heard the story of "I played solo last year now I want to join an alliance" this week.

[2:37 AM]

From brand new Discord accounts!

[2:38 AM]

I'm not buying that.

[2:38 AM]

You had your chance. This application is denied.

Black DragonToday at 2:38 AM

Ok Alyster, I respect your decision. have a good day.

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