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Barack Obama


Imperium (Reason for leaving was because k made a technical issue which I didn't want to affect the imperium along with 


As far as I know I don't owe anything 


No one recruited me 

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Transcript of ticket #71 - < Barack Obama>, opened by DatGuy77#8636 at 2020 Aug 09 05:46:45, closed at 2020 Aug 10 13:37:28.

[2020 Aug 09 05:46:45] YAGPDB.xyz#8760 (204255221017214977): {"type":"rich","description":"Welcome \u003c@341394766182875137\u003e\n\nThank you for applying! Before we begin, please also make sure you have applied to TKR in-game and posted an application on our forums (https://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/). Ping @Oathkeeper and link your nation when you are ready for your interview to begin.\n\nWe ask as well that you please be patient when waiting for a response from our Oathkeeping staff.\n\nuse the following command to close the ticket\n`;ticket close reason for closing here`\n\nuse the following command to add users to the ticket\n`;ticket adduser @user`"}
[2020 Aug 09 05:47:50] Adrienne#1306 (285266652868640769): <@!341394766182875137> follow the instructions above and ping the oathkeepers when you're ready to go
[2020 Aug 09 05:50:12] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Will do
[2020 Aug 09 05:50:17] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Thank you
[2020 Aug 09 06:02:55] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): <@&703599405181435955> 

https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=212864, {"url":"https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=212864","type":"link","title":"United states of America 2nd","description":"United states of America 2nd is a 83 days old lime nation with 8 cities and 1,113.44 Nation Score. Located in North America they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.","thumbnail":{"url":"https://politicsandwar.com/img/flags/unitedstates.jpg","proxy_url":"https://images-ext-1.discordapp.net/external/PTaZmntxqWptrgZ1evkwMVfnsb7y6LDL66mGPG16gyo/https/politicsandwar.com/img/flags/unitedstates.jpg","width":250,"height":150}}
[2020 Aug 09 12:16:42] BigMorf#7389 (330776632405131266): Hey! Have you posted an application to our forums yet? I don’t see one and you need to do that before we can begin 🙂
[2020 Aug 09 13:04:54] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): I did
[2020 Aug 09 13:05:54] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): But the posting part was tricky for me like it really confused me 

But I will screenshot it for you if that's ok?
[2020 Aug 09 13:13:18] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Please @me when u see this
[2020 Aug 09 13:29:06] BigMorf#7389 (330776632405131266): I see it, I'll be with you in a couple hours if no one else has gotten back to you. 

Could you explain the technical issue that made you leave your last alliance real quick though?
[2020 Aug 09 13:32:43] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): <@!330776632405131266> do u mean the one he disbanded or The Imperium?
[2020 Aug 09 13:35:48] BigMorf#7389 (330776632405131266): I’m assuming the imperium. He said in his application a technical issue caused him to leave his alliance and he didn’t it want it to affect the imperium
[2020 Aug 09 13:36:06] BigMorf#7389 (330776632405131266): Also <@341394766182875137> you posted your app in the wrong spot 🙂
[2020 Aug 09 13:36:08] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): so we gotta ask Vader
[2020 Aug 09 13:36:17] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): Just to be sure
[2020 Aug 09 13:38:37] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): It was also govs choice 

So basically I had account on the test server and I logged into p&w the app with that test server account cause I thought I could access it from there so it would be more easier but it made me create awhile new account which I thought was the one for the testser but wasn't
[2020 Aug 09 13:40:25] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): And that came up as a multi 

This was a 2and account on the test server but I deleted it on the test server 

It was made to sabotage an enemy at war which didn't do cause indidnt use it
[2020 Aug 09 13:41:59] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): I see
[2020 Aug 09 13:42:04] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): I have nothing to hide so if you guys have things to ask me I will awnser them
[2020 Aug 09 13:42:43] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): I have made my mistakes here and there but after the second one I have no interest in making that one again it would be foolish
[2020 Aug 09 13:43:49] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): So it's my fault at the same time kinda
[2020 Aug 09 13:48:51] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): I'm not here to cause any trouble just looking for a new community now with hope for my nation to grow and prosper. I will have full loyalty too you guys and respect for everyone around me the same as I did for my last alliance 

But if you see this as an issue and do not accept me being here because of that I will understand
[2020 Aug 09 14:11:23] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): <:pikathink:564177172454178836>
[2020 Aug 10 04:00:35] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Your mom's out the house
[2020 Aug 10 10:39:37] alyster#0323 (424891739745157122): Why do you have two nations?
[2020 Aug 10 10:39:47] alyster#0323 (424891739745157122): And I can not find your forum app
[2020 Aug 10 11:26:11] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): I don't have 2 nations  but when I first did I had 2 nations the first one I made was when I first joined I made it to start over om the app but I stopped using it and stayed on my primary nation
[2020 Aug 10 11:29:15] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): And the 2and one was on the test server it wasn't to collect resources or give my self moment it wa sonoybto sabotage  am enemy at war but that didn't happen because I didn't use the account ibstopp and stayed with my primary account
[2020 Aug 10 11:30:29] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): <@424891739745157122> bu t I no longer require to make those decisions a thrid time I have no interest in it is a waste of to time
[2020 Aug 10 11:31:39] alyster#0323 (424891739745157122): OK.
[2020 Aug 10 11:31:43] alyster#0323 (424891739745157122): Application denied
[2020 Aug 10 13:31:08] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Ok
[2020 Aug 10 13:31:18] DatGuy77#8636 (341394766182875137): Thank you for your time
[2020 Aug 10 13:34:25] erzaknightwalker#7466 (264122701977878528): no prob
[2020 Aug 10 13:37:27] alyster#0323 (424891739745157122): ;ticket end denied
[2020 Aug 10 13:37:28] YAGPDB.xyz#8760 (204255221017214977): Closing ticket, creating logs, downloading attachments and so on.
This may take a while if the ticket is big.

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