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King Fraser

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BigMorfToday at 12:02 AM

okay! sweet, so when you’re ready to start just post your nation link and we can begin

King FraserToday at 12:02 AM


Kingdom of Dunfermline

Kingdom of Dunfermline is a 85 days old green nation with 11 cities and 1,458.99 Nation Score. Located in Europe they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

BigMorfToday at 12:03 AM

lovely! I’m gonna ask you some basic questions. Just so we can get to know you better!

King FraserToday at 12:03 AM


BigMorfToday at 12:03 AM

first question: TKR requires its members to use their in game ruler name as their username on Slack and on the Forums. is that acceptable to you?

King FraserToday at 12:04 AM

Yeah I can accpet that

BigMorfToday at 12:07 AM

lovely! on that note, we require our members to use Slack, which is a free chatting app kind of like Discord. it’s totally free? and you can use it on pc and mobile! that good with you?

King FraserToday at 12:07 AM


BigMorfToday at 12:08 AM

lovely, we’ll get you settled on that later! next question; TKR requires its members to have a warchest of cash and resources to help fight wars. Are you willing to keep a warchest!?

King FraserToday at 12:09 AM


BigMorfToday at 12:10 AM

Couple of questions specifically about what you said in your application.

[12:10 AM]

What was your problem with the Audit that the Imortals did?

King FraserToday at 12:11 AM

Oh they were just assholes

BigMorfToday at 12:11 AM

haha. Can you expound a bit more on that?

King FraserToday at 12:15 AM

They wanted me to build infra but it's was what they wanted not what I wanted, and I got my grant restricted because I didn't build what they wanted

[12:17 AM]

And they give me a short period of time to do it

[12:20 AM]

So I don't mind meeting goals but I would some flexibility but with audits, I didn't feel that so I left so they would have them and get something like another grant restriction won't happen again if I didn't do what they want

[12:23 AM]


alysterToday at 12:23 AM


[12:24 AM]

We're very strict about goals. Your next one would be to get City Planning (on your own). That'd be followed by grants. Is grants something you're focused on?

King FraserToday at 12:24 AM


alysterToday at 12:24 AM

Okay. I suggest you try The Lost Empire maybe.

[12:24 AM]

We're done here.

King FraserToday at 12:25 AM

Okay Thanks so I part of the alliance or not?

alysterToday at 12:25 AM

We'll take a pass.

[12:25 AM]

So no.


Note to self: BigMorf's points

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