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@BigMorf Here's the discord interview:


nico-K04Today at 6:38 PM

I did an application

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:48 PM


[6:48 PM]

I'll begin with the interview

[6:48 PM]

We require that you use the leader name in game as your name on the forum and on slack. Do you agree to do that?

nico-K04Today at 6:49 PM


[6:50 PM]

Im going to change it then

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:50 PM

great :D

[6:50 PM]

We require the usage of Slack, a free chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this?

nico-K04Today at 6:51 PM


[6:51 PM]

how do I change my name, in the page I put my application?

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:51 PM

you can change forum name in the name change thread once you're accepted

[6:51 PM]

For military preparedness, TKR requires all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war. Are you ok with this?

nico-K04Today at 6:52 PM


Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:52 PM

If TKR asks you to go to war where your nation may take heavy damages, would you do it?

nico-K04Today at 6:53 PM


[6:53 PM]

why not

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:53 PM


[6:53 PM]

Have you played any similar nation sim games before?

nico-K04Today at 6:53 PM


[6:53 PM]

I dont remember how that game was called(edited)

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:53 PM

ah, no problem

[6:54 PM]

What made you choose TKR over other alliances?

nico-K04Today at 6:54 PM

because it seems to be a powerful alliance

[6:55 PM]

at least in military

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:55 PM

it is :D

[6:55 PM]

How active do you intend to be?

nico-K04Today at 6:55 PM

Im going to be connected almost everyday

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:55 PM


[6:55 PM]

What time zone will you usually play the game in?

nico-K04Today at 6:56 PM


Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:57 PM

what kind of nation do you want to become, and what kind of help you expect from TKR in this?

nico-K04Today at 6:58 PM

I would like to become an economic and military powerful nation(edited)

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 6:58 PM


[6:58 PM]

What makes a good alliance and what makes a good member?

nico-K04Today at 7:00 PM

a good member is a person who follows the rules and treats everyone with respect

[7:00 PM]

and a good alliance, is one that is well organized

Jack Kyu LanternToday at 7:01 PM

sweet. One last question:

[7:01 PM]

How do you see yourself contributing into keeping TKR a successful alliance?

nico-K04Today at 7:02 PM

I could help the alliance by trading in the alliance market and helping members if they get attacked by another nation


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16 hours ago, nicok04 said:

I make an application for the discord of TKR

You've been accepted into The Knights Radiant academy.
Please read the guides and take the entrance exam in Steps 1-3. The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 10-15 minutes tops. You will find the exam in the end of each step.
All information needed is provided in this subforum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/21-the-academy
You will have 72 hours to complete the exams.


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