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Yubnub application


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  • In-game Ruler:  Gordon Ramsay
  • Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=248889 
  • Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving (put N/A if you're new to the game): I didn’t want to get raided and it was a small aa so I left. 
  • Have you played Politics & War on a previous nation before? I have re rolled many times. 
  • Do you owe anything (money, resources, etc.) to anybody in the game? No
  • Are you interviewing on Discord? (Y/N): Yes
  • Recruited by: nobody 
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The Stormfather
Today at 3:48 PM
Welcome @yubnub

Thank you for applying! Before we begin, please also make sure you have applied to TKR in-game and posted an application on our forums (https://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/). Ping @Oathkeeper and link your nation when you are ready for your interview to begin.

We ask as well that you please be patient when waiting for a response from our Oathkeeping staff.

use the following command to close the ticket
;ticket close reason for closing here

use the following command to add users to the ticket
;ticket adduser @user
yubnubToday at 3:49 PM
Hotel Hell
Hotel Hell is a 60 days old brown nation with 3 cities and 501.65 Nation Score. Located in Antarctica they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

Ricky5849Today at 3:56 PM
Hello did you make an application on the forums?
New Member Application Template [Start here] - Welcome Station - The Knights Radiant P&W https://www.knightsradiant.pw/topic/6-new-member-application-template-start-here/
The Knights Radiant P&W
New Member Application Template [Start here]
Welcome to the gates of The Knights Radiant! To become a member, you need to register on the forums and post a new topic in the Welcome Station with the following format: In-game Ruler: Nation Link: Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving (put N/A if youre new to the game): Have you played Pol...
yubnubToday at 3:59 PM
Do I seriously have to apply on forums
Ricky5849Today at 4:01 PM
Only to put the template the rest of the app can be on here.
yubnubToday at 4:05 PM
Also my nation leader name is spelt wrong in pnw
Someone else has that leader name already
So I had to spell it wrong 😦
Ricky5849Today at 4:10 PM
Okay I found it
Ricky5849Today at 4:17 PM
We require that you use the leader name in game as your name on the forum and on slack. Do you agree to do that? (Y/N)
yubnubToday at 4:22 PM
I’m fine changing my forum name. I don’t use forum much tbh anyway
And can I spell my name properly on forum?
Cuz some dick took Gordon Ramsay and went into vacrarion mode for ever on 1 city
2 years is basically for ever
Ricky5849Today at 4:24 PM
Gov will need to change name on forums and for slack here is the next question.

We require the usage of Slack, a free chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this? (Y/N)
yubnubToday at 4:26 PM
So if I say no I can’t apply (I presume). Also do you guys use discord more or slack?
Ricky5849Today at 4:27 PM
Discord is not required while slack is.
yubnubToday at 4:28 PM
Ok quick question why do you guys use slack over discord?
Kyupid 💘Today at 4:32 PM
because slack has some features that discord doesn't
and because we started using slack before discord got big and no one really wants to change it :P
yubnubToday at 4:33 PM
I see
Ricky5849Today at 4:40 PM
Okay, are you able to use slack?
yubnubToday at 4:41 PM
How do I join?
Ricky5849Today at 4:42 PM
Once you pass academy  your given an invite link to it for now lets do rest of interview.
For military preparedness, TKR requires all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war.  Are you ok with this? (Y/N)
If TKR asks you to go to war where your nation may take heavy damages, would y
yubnubToday at 4:42 PM
Ricky5849Today at 4:43 PM
If TKR asks you to go to war where your nation may take heavy damages, would you do it?
yubnubToday at 4:43 PM
Ricky5849Today at 4:43 PM
Have you played any similar nation sim games before (example: cybernations, nationstates): (Y/N)   If yes, which alliances were you in, and for how long?
yubnubToday at 4:43 PM
I am in another game right now that hasn’t come out
Affairs and Order
My aa is The Holy League
Ricky5849Today at 4:44 PM
What made you pick TKR over other alliances?
yubnubToday at 4:45 PM
You guys are in quack yes?
One of my old aa’s was somewhat tied to quack before I joined my friends aa. I didn’t want to join swamp, mainly cuz they are a bit tacky if you ask me. Also most aa’s are boring
So tkr was my best choice
Ricky5849Today at 4:49 PM
How active will you be?
yubnubToday at 4:50 PM
Well I 3 City raid so I’m on most days
Ricky5849Today at 4:52 PM
What time zone will you usually play the game in?
yubnubToday at 4:52 PM
My time zone is acdt
And I’m usually up from 6am till 10pm during the week
Ricky5849Today at 4:53 PM
Let's get to know a bit more about you.
Explain in your own words, which kind of a nation you want to become, and what kind of help you expect from TKR in this:
What makes a good alliance and what makes a good member?
What can you bring into TKR? Why would we want to accept you?
yubnubToday at 4:55 PM
Ok so I like commerce and raiding. So once i get 100 wars on this nation (I would have it if I didn’t always have to re roll), I will than build up to 11 cities and get UP. I know There is a cool down .
I mainly just want protection
I don’t want to get raided
I’m my opinion a good alliance is fair to all of its members and a good member is active and loyal.
Well once I build up I bring good tax revenue.
Also my wisdom.
I don’t play on (trying) joining gov tho as I am somewhat busy irl and with other games.
I gtg so I can’t respond for a few hours sry
Ricky5849Today at 4:58 PM
It's okay that was actually the last question


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You've been accepted into The Knights Radiant academy.
Please read the guides and take the entrance exam in Steps 1-3. The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 10-15 minutes tops. You will find the exam in the end of each step.
All information needed is provided in this subforum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/21-the-academy
You will have 72 hours to complete the exams.


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