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New player wants to join

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Leader name Jupiter Jones



  • In-game Ruler: Jupiter Jones
  • Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=277286
  • Previous Alliances and reasons for leaving (put N/A if you're new to the game): yes: 1st m left for another one for an more active Alliance, 2nd time was a kick, 3rd kick
  • Have you played Politics & War on a previous nation before? 1st time playing
  • Do you owe anything (money, resources, etc.) to anybody in the game: No
  • Are you interviewing on Discord? (Y/N): idk
  • Recruited by: Message form ricky
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Indger — Today at 16:53

@Jupiter hello

Jupiter — Today at 16:57



I need help with the forms

Indger — Today at 16:57

Yes sure


https://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/3-welcome-station/ here you will find a template/format for application in the pinned topic. Using that template,post a new topic.Also you need to register yourself first on our forums

The Knights Radiant P&W

Welcome Station

For new members and diplomats.

Jupiter — Today at 17:09

Hey indger


Hey indger

Indger — Today at 17:11



Would you like to be interviewed here or on the forums?

Jupiter — Today at 17:12

I want to be interviewed here

Indger — Today at 17:12



so lets begin


Ping @Oathgate and link your nation when you are ready for your interview to begin.

Jupiter — Today at 17:13



@Oathgate https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=277286

The Empire Of Mickey Mouse

The Empire Of Mickey Mouse is a 124 days old gray nation with 3 cities and 309.06 Nation Score. Located in North America they are a(n) Applicant of the The Knights Radiant alliance.

Indger — Today at 17:14

Jupiter — Today at 17:14

I gotta change block color

Indger — Today at 17:15

Can you pls name all of your previous alliances


I gotta change block color

Indger — Today at 17:16

yes change it to orange

Jupiter — Today at 17:17

The most recent one was the stratosphere Alliance, Carthage, @Indger(edited)

Indger — Today at 17:17

can you reply to my questions by tagging them so that i get the pings


okay. Why were you kicked from Carthago and Stratosphere Marine Corps?


And what is the name of your first alliance that you left

Jupiter — Today at 17:18

The 2 i mentioned was a kick for removal for inactivity @Indger(edited)


The 2 i mentioned was a kick for removal for inactivity @Indger(edited)

Indger — Today at 17:20

okay. ping @Indger and not oathgate


The 2 i mentioned was a kick for removal for inactivity @Indger(edited)

Ricky — Today at 17:20

We are strict to on activity any reason this will be different ?

Jupiter — Today at 17:20

Another Alliance is The monarchy (also i was part of the Alliance Abyss) @Indger(edited)


We are strict to on activity any reason this will be different ?

Jupiter — Today at 17:21

No reason to be diffrent for Strict Activity

Ricky — Today at 17:22

I mean you said you were kicked for activity how do you know you’ll be active ?

Jupiter — Today at 17:24

Well, in order for me to stay in the Alliance here i want to be on politics and war at least 2 times a day and on here at least 5 minutes @Ricky


I have to eat now


Im back

Indger — Today at 17:29



Okay so 1) The Monarchy(edited)


2) Abyss?(edited)

Jupiter — Today at 17:30

Yes, the Abyss was an Alliance i was in(edited)

Indger — Today at 17:32



We require the usage of Slack, a free chatting application available for both desktop and mobile, for all members. Will you be okay with this? (Y/N)

Jupiter — Today at 17:33

What is slack?


Some sort of chatting app

Indger — Today at 17:33

yes like discord

Jupiter — Today at 17:34

Ill get that installed right now

Indger — Today at 17:34

We require that you use the leader name in game as your name on the forum and on slack. Do you agree to do that? (Y/N)

Jupiter — Today at 17:35


Indger — Today at 17:36

For military preparedness, TKR requires all of our members to maintain a warchest of resources required for war. Are you ok with this? (Y/N)

Jupiter — Today at 17:37


Indger — Today at 17:37

If TKR asks you to go to war where your nation may take heavy damages, would you do it?

Jupiter — Today at 17:38

If the Alliance wants me involved in the war, or me want to help the Alliance, it will be a yes(edited)


Indger — Today at 17:38

Have you played any similar nation sim games before (example: cybernations, nationstates): (Y/N) If yes, which alliances were you in, and for how long?

Jupiter — Today at 17:38


Indger — Today at 17:39

How active will you be?

Jupiter — Today at 17:40

In politics and war: at least 2 times a day. In slack/discord: at least 5 minutes

Indger — Today at 17:41

What is your timezone?

Jupiter — Today at 17:41

The central usa time zone

Indger — Today at 17:42

What made you pick TKR over other alliances?

Jupiter — Today at 17:43

Message from ricky

Indger — Today at 17:44

I don't mean that. You get messages from other alliances too.Then why did you choose TKR?

Jupiter — Today at 17:46

This morning i was in the game inbox when i found these 3 Alliance messages, the one from ricky was interesting


That most likely for me to choose this Alliance

Indger — Today at 17:47



What would you do if TKR would ask you to do something which you do not want to do? (We never ask people to break the game rules). Explain.

Jupiter — Today at 17:50

If it was from another member just let some one on the high rank side know, if it was from the Alliance its self, then ill just politely say no


If it was from another member just let some one on the high rank side know, if it was from the Alliance its self, then ill just politely say no

Indger — Today at 17:52

so if the alliance (TKR) asks you to do something which you don't want to do, you will deny it?

Jupiter — Today at 17:52


Indger — Today at 17:52


What can you bring into TKR? Why would we want to accept you?

Jupiter — Today at 17:54

Hopefully i can bring good progress to the Alliance, Why should you accept me? To be in an Alliance so i wont be a fair game nation that keeps getting attacked and having wars


With other nations or players

Indger — Today at 17:54

Explain in your own words, which kind of a nation you want to become, and what kind of help you expect from TKR in this:

Jupiter — Today at 17:57

I want to become a industrialist military nation, for that i would need cash to build citys, and kther resources like steel, aluminum, fuel, etc


Indger — Today at 17:58

What makes a good alliance and what makes a good member?

Jupiter — Today at 18:00

What makes a good Alliance is kind people and helps each other out and a good member is doing their part for the meeds fo the Alliance

Indger — Today at 18:01

What are your expectations for TKR?

Jupiter — Today at 18:02

To help me with city building and then help me get some national projects done(edited)

Indger — Today at 18:03

Are you a team player or a lone wolf? Explain.

Jupiter — Today at 18:04

Team player(edited)


Team player(edited)

Indger — Today at 18:06


Jupiter — Today at 18:06

Its better when you work together than you go alone,


You can get more stuff done


Help each other

Indger — Today at 18:06


Great! We are done with the interview! Thank You! Now i will forward your application to my senior @Ricky . Pls check our forums frequently as further instructions will be posted over there. Have a good day!


Jupiter — Today at 18:08


Discord Logs

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You've been accepted into The Knights Radiant academy.
Please read the guides and take the entrance exam in Steps 1-3. The exam isn't difficult, it's more so meant to ensure that you know where the guides and other important information is within the alliance. It should take 10-15 minutes tops. You will find the exam in the end of each step.
All information needed is provided in this subforum: http://www.knightsradiant.pw/forum/21-the-academy
You will have 72 hours to complete the exams.


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